mommy applying baby Dove lotion rich moisture on daughter, best lotion for children's dry skin

The Truth About How Baby Dove Improved My Children’s Dry Skin

My kids were both born with sensitive skin. During the first year of their lives, they both had eczema. We’ve tried numerous products but nothing helped their skin. We’ve had countless doctor visits to see if there’s anything out there that would help improve their skin; but we were prescribed with steroids Every.Single.Time. The thought of applying steroids on my children’s skin made me feel uncomfortable, so I didn’t stop searching for that one product that would solve our problem. For the past 3 years, I’ve been searching for it; and I must admit, it has been exhausting. With all these products consistently failing, I lost hope. But that was before I got my hands on Baby Dove products and tried them on my kids. Let me tell you, the result was mind-blowing.

My Children’s Eczema & How We’ve Been Surviving

My daughter’s eczema was pretty mild, it was just on her face; and she outgrew it as soon as she turned one. But her skin remained dry and rough all these years, especially during the colder months. I reached a point where I thought it’s just “normal” for her skin to be dry and rough because I’ve tried everything but nothing made it soft and smooth.

My son’s eczema, on the other hand, was very severe. He had huge blisters all over his body, and was always scratching even in his sleep. Unlike my daughter, he didn’t outgrow his eczema; it would just get better during the warmer months. But it would start to flare up as soon as the first cold breeze hits; and then we’ll spend the rest of the fall and winter season trying to keep his eczema at bay. We’ve tried everything – from popular brands to natural oils – but nothing really kept his severely dry skin moisturized.

Accepting defeat, I let my kids use an expensive brand for the longest time which didn’t really do anything for their skin except leave it smelling like a baby. We kept using it because it’s the only thing that won’t aggravate their dry skin. It was okay during the warmer months; but of course, their skin would be extremely dry (especially my son’s) during the colder months.

When I Found Out About Baby Dove Products

It was one of those days when their expensive body wash and lotion were about to run out and I thought to myself, we can’t really spend that much on these stuff anymore especially since they’re not doing anything for their skin. So off I went to the nearest grocery store.

On my way to the grocery store, I was hoping there’s going to be a “miracle product” that we haven’t tried yet. (My husband does our grocery shopping so I wasn’t really aware of any new products that have been released except when I read about them online.) And as if someone read my thoughts, I saw Baby Dove products!!! As soon as I saw them, I did a happy dance in my head. I haven’t tried their products on my children yet; but I remember loving and trusting Dove products as I was growing up. So I quickly snatched them and tried them on my kids.

Baby Dove Tip To Toe Wash

daddy giving daughter a bath using baby Dove tip to toe wash rich moisture, best body wash for children's dry skin

daddy giving son a bath using baby Dove tip to toe wash rich moisture, best body wash for children's dry skin

Baby Dove tip to toe wash wasn’t as foamy as your usual bath soap; but it did feel thick and creamy which I really like because it makes it easier for me to keep it out of my children’s eyes. Despite the consistency, it rinses easily and really well from both their hair and body. Even my husband agrees that this is the best tip to toe wash we’ve ever tried so far. He loves that it lathers well; and even a small amount of the product goes a long way. Plus, it also doesn’t strip away the moisture from my children’s skin after their bath; it leaves their skin soft and moisturized every single time.

We’ve tried several shampoo + body wash combination with my kids but I would always end up having a hard time brushing my daughter’s hair after her bath. And it would always turn into a stressful time for both of us. With Baby Dove tip to toe wash, I never had to deal with that. My daughter’s hair would always be soft and minimally tangled after having a bath. Plus, I noticed that her hair would be less tangled the whole day (as compared to the ones she has used before) after she started using it.

Baby Dove Lotion

mommy applying baby Dove lotion rich moisture on daughter, best lotion for children's dry skin

mommy applying baby Dove lotion rich moisture on son, best lotion for children's dry skin

Baby Dove lotion keeps my children’s skin moisturized and soft the whole day. Although it’s thick, it doesn’t feel greasy at all. We usually use it twice a day, when they change from their pajamas in the morning and before they go to bed at night. But there are days during the weekends when we’ll be in our pajamas the whole day and they’ll only get to use it at night. Even then, their skin will still be soft and moisturized which is AMAZING!!!

I am very particular with product scents especially the ones that my kids are using because of their sensitive skin; but the scent both Baby Dove tip to toe wash and lotion leave on their skin is heavenly. It’s not too strong that it irritates their skin. It makes me and my husband want to keep smelling them the whole day.

You want to know a secret? My skin gets excessively dry in winter as well. The lotion that I’ve been using was out of stock and I got one that didn’t moisturize my skin at all. It left my skin really dry to the point that it hurts. And you know what? I’ve been using Baby Dove lotion for the past few weeks, and it works really great for me too!

How My Children’s Skin Improved With Baby Dove

My prayers were definitely answered; I am obsessed with these products. How both the tip to toe wash and lotion improved my kids’ skin was overly impressive.

We’ve been using Baby Dove products for the past 3 months now. My children’s skin improved A LOT since we’ve used these products on them. My daughter’s skin became so soft and smooth; it absolutely helped improve the dry and rough areas of her skin! The first cold breeze hit last October; and I’m so ecstatic to say that my son’s eczema hasn’t flared up since. He hasn’t even scratched his skin (the first sign that his eczema is about to flare up) since we’ve used Baby Dove products which is really awesome. My husband even commented how noticeable it is that our children’s skin is healthier and more moisturized the entire day after we switched to Baby Dove products.

The weather has been freezing lately. During the weekends, we would take them for a quick walk outside because the kids love the outdoors (even though it’s really cold), especially the farm close to us. With the outdoor activities that we frequently do, our skin can get really dry from being exposed to the harsh winter air; but both of my children’s skin are still soft and moisturized as they were when we first used these Baby Dove products. I am so relieved that I found Baby Dove products when I did; and I am so glad we switched. My husband and I both agree that these products are a must for children with dry and sensitive skin. We will only be using Baby Dove from now on; because what more can you ask for? Baby Dove products are affordable, conveniently available, and they really work!

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mommy applying Baby Dove rich moisture lotion on daughter, best lotion for children's dry skin; and daddy giving son a bath using Baby Dove tip to toe wash, best body wash for children's dry skin

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