Pregnancy, Review / 26.06.2018

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Hosting a princess theme baby shower? Planning a baby shower, just like any other event, starts with the invitations. Your invitation sets the tone for your event. Is your baby shower going to be formal or casual? Is it going to be elegant or simple? Finding the perfect baby shower invitation is a must for me (and most likely any host). It has to have all the needed details for the party; more importantly, it should...

featured, Motherhood, Women's Fashion / 02.08.2016

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Pregnant and have no money for maternity clothes? There is absolutely no need to buy maternity clothes. In one of my earlier posts, where I listed must have baby items for first time moms, I mentioned that I managed to get through my pregnancies without maternity clothes, not even a single one. And it's not because my belly was so small that I didn't even have to; I just didn't want to. Why? First, they're...

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