What Is Love Through The Eyes Of A Child

Do you ever wonder how our kids, as young and innocent as they are, know what love is? While my daughter (especially my son) may not be able to tell me exactly how she defines love even if I ask her, I honestly think it’s when…

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I Love You

It was Wednesday afternoon, we just got home from work and school, my daughter put a couple of Minnie Mouse stickers on my arms. I got her sippy cup and asked her to drink. As she was drinking, she saw the wounds on my right arm. She held my arm and said “kiss”. I lifted my arm closer to her cute little lips and she kissed my wounds, just like what I always do when she gets hurt. I said “Thank you!”; she replied “Abu!” (I love you!). – It was Monday, I felt movement in the bed, I felt a tiny…

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