Women's Fashion / 13.11.2018

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Plaid is actually the first pattern that I first fell in love with. It started when I was in college and I never really outgrow it. And then came my obsession with polka dots & stripes, among others. Yes, I have all sorts of coats for fall and winter, but when I saw this plaid coat, I just had to get it (and I wasn't even looking for a coat)....

Women's Fashion / 30.10.2017

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4 cute ways to wear the cold shoulder trend in fall Are you looking for fun outfit ideas to try this fall? Why not try the cold shoulder trend (if you haven't yet). I loved wearing cold shoulder tops during the warmer months and I'm not ready to stop yet. So imagine how happy I was when the retail stores came out with cold shoulder sweaters! If you're on the fence about getting some cold shoulder sweaters because you're not sure if you're going to be able to actually wear them this fall, then let me show you that you absolutely can! Today, I am sharing 4 cute ways you can wear cold shoulder sweaters this fall.
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