featured, Women's Fashion / 18.01.2019

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Spring Wardrobe Must Haves For Every Woman With winter being over soon (that's what I want to believe), it's time to get excited about Spring. I don't know about you but I am ALWAYS looking forward to spring as soon as January starts. I guess because at this point, I am so done with the freezing temperature. One thing that always gets me excited for spring (or any season really), is when I have to shop for key...

Women's Fashion / 20.10.2016

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I couldn't get myself to buy a sleeveless coat no matter how flawlessly it completes any given outfit; so I found the next best thing - a convertible vest that doubles as a scarf. Isn't that perfect? When it gets too cold and I couldn't get away with wearing a light sleeveless coat, I can still use it as a scarf. I don't normally wear outfits that lack color; I've always loved an outfit that has a good pop...

Women's Fashion / 03.09.2016

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The past couple of mornings have been pretty chilly; there is no doubt that Fall is just around the corner. With the changing season comes the need to update your wardrobe; this is absolutely the best time to do just that (what a good excuse to do some shopping)! No, you don't have to buy a  whole lot of new outfits; getting a few key pieces to pair with what you already have can, without a doubt, bring your old outfits back to life. But...

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