To My Second Born Child

To My Second Born Child, I can’t believe it has been exactly 1 year ago (already). While Daddy and I were on our way to the airport to pick up Papa from an almost 24-hour flight from Manila, you decided you wanted to welcome him as well; that’s when the contractions started. I ignored them because I thought they weren’t the real thing. As we sat in the arrival area waiting for Papa, the contractions became regular and stronger. I tried to be calm (not to cause a scene or anything) during each and every contraction. As soon as Papa arrived,  I hugged him and tears fell – I wasn’t sure if…

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Ultimate Baby Registry Checklist: Everything You Need Right Now + Printable

When I got pregnant with my daughter, just like most first-time moms, I knew nothing about motherhood. I didn’t know what stuff to get and what I shouldn’t, which stuff works and which don’t. Google was my friend back then; I went through several different sites and got overwhelmed with all the different  information I found. One website was saying I need this but another one was saying I don’t. It was helpful of course, but it was also confusing for me. So I had to step back, got my Belly Book and started listing some things I thought would be useful; then I reviewed the list that I have against the lists available online. After a few additions and removal, my list was complete.

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