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Last week, my husband had told my son’s teacher that I am the “Queen of Bargains” when I told her where I got my Apple Watch bands (I’ll be sharing that with you soon) so I decided to share with you my cheap finds! I hope you find them useful!

20 pairs of pajamas neatly folded
Recently, Carter’s had a really good sale. All the pajamas are 50% off + free shipping (no minimum), and I have a 25% off coupon which I could also use towards the pajama purchase.

Imagine living in a tropical country like the Philippines where you’ll probably only need to get new sets of clothes every year if you have a 2-year-old; while living in the US would require you to get new sets of clothes every 6 months because of the changing season so that can get pretty expensive.

Trying to be practical, I usually stock up on my kids ‘bigger-sized clothes whenever there’s a good sale. So, of course, I didn’t let this sale pass by without getting anything for the kids (I don’t buy every time there’s a sale; I usually wait for the good ones). Carter’s usually sell their 2-pair pajamas for $34 ($17 each) but because of the sale and my coupon, I got each pair for $6. Not bad, right?

Here are my favorites!

3 pairs of pajamas for boys

3 pairs of pajamas for girls

The sale is still ongoing so don’t forget to head on to the nearest store or go to their website!!!

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