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    Say Goodbye To Soaked Clothes & Floors With SippyNipple

    As a mom, one thing that I constantly ask myself is how to keep my kids from spilling liquids all over the place. This is mostly true for my son. Yes, we’ve tried those leak-proof sippy cups and they’re a lifesaver. However, because he thinks he’s such a “big boy” now, he won’t drink on closed sippy cups anymore (especially when he sees his older sister doing it so gracefully well). And when we’re out, I don’t know what’s up with these water bottles but somehow they look like a magical drinking instrument for him; because he always ignores his…

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    The Cutest Floral Dress For Spring

    How was your weekend? How did you handle the time change? We woke up at 9 am last Sunday (how awesome right?), had breakfast, and decided to take the kids to an indoor playground all day. We thought if they didn’t take their nap, they’ll be in bed earlier than usual which would help them adjust with time change. And as I expected, they were in bed by 7:30 PM and my husband and I were in bed by 10 PM (earlier than we’re used to). But to my surprise, the time change STILL kicked our butts last Monday and…

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    Practical Yet Romantic Ideas To Celebrate Wedding Anniversary On A Budget

    Are you celebrating your wedding anniversary soon but on a tight budget? That’s totally understandable! After becoming a mom and having to pay daycare for 2 kids, I’ve always asked myself how to celebrate a wedding anniversary on a tight budget. Between the never-ending bills and expensive daycare, not to mention the lots of stuff that your kids need, you won’t always have a lot of extra cash lying around to be spent on a luxurious vacation. And sometimes, even if you do, you just feel guilty about spending it. But don’t you worry! Celebrating wedding anniversary doesn’t always have…

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    How To Make A Toddler Wonder Woman Costume Like A Pro

    Last January, my daughter had an assignment in school. They needed to wear DIY superhero costumes. I asked her and she said she wanted to wear a wonder woman costume. Although I was VERY excited to make a superhero costume for her, I didn’t know how to make a toddler wonder woman costume. So I went to google and looked at several toddler wonder woman costumes available for sale and tried to imagine how I would turn the stuff she already has into a costume. Today, I’ll be sharing how to make a toddler wonder woman costume like a pro…

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    Multicolor Striped Sweater + Over The Knee Boots + Giveaway

    Happy Tuesday! How was your weekend? Did you do something fun this President’s Day weekend? Ours has been great! We mostly stayed at home and caught up with the household chores but we also spent some quality time with the kids. We went out on Sunday for our Post-Valentine’s Date. I don’t want to go out on the actual Valentine’s Day because of how busy it usually is, so we usually either go out before or after. Today, I’m here to share my new favorite sweater & a fun way to wear white jeans in winter! – There’s a giveaway…

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    The Truth About How Baby Dove Improved My Children’s Dry Skin

    My kids were both born with sensitive skin. During the first year of their lives, they both had eczema. We’ve tried numerous products but nothing helped their skin. We’ve had countless doctor visits to see if there’s anything out there that would help improve their skin; but we were prescribed with steroids Every.Single.Time. The thought of applying steroids on my children’s skin made me feel uncomfortable, so I didn’t stop searching for that one product that would solve our problem. For the past 3 years, I’ve been searching for it; and I must admit, it has been exhausting. With all…

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    Fun & Inexpensive Spring Activities To Do As A Family

    As a mom, one of my hopes is that my kids will have a wonderful childhood with a lot of fun memories that they will love looking back on when they’re older. And every time the season changes, I see it as a huge opportunity to give them fun memories they will surely treasure by doing different activities they’ll get to enjoy. Like every fall, I make sure we go to a fall festival or we go apple picking. And since we’re already midway through February, I am so excited for the weather to FINALLY warm up so I can spend some…

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    How To Help Your Child Deal With Mean Friends

    How to help your child deal with mean friends? As a parent, how would you handle it? Would you know how to instantly react when you see your child’s friend being mean to them right in front of your eyes? Today, I’m going to share with you our experience with my daughter’s mean friends; and the best way to help your child deal with mean friends if they have some. How To Help Your Child Deal With Mean Friends We know that not everyone can be nice all the time; there are mean people out there, EVERY.SINGLE.DAY! As parents, it’s…

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    Instagram Roundup – January

    How was your January? Mine has been filled with birthday parties, swimming classes, and recovering from a virus. Last Christmas, my husband and I decided that we would be enrolling our kids to their very first swimming class instead of giving them material things as a gift for Christmas. So since the first Saturday of January, we’ve been taking the kids to their 9AM swimming class (except when they were sick)… what the hell were we thinking, right? I know!!! Anyway, here are my favorite Instagram moments last January! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram so you’re always up-to-date on what…

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    Faux Fur Trimmed Poncho + Faux Leather Leggings

    Happy Wednesday! How’s your January so far? Are you adjusted from the long holiday vacation? Ours has been okay. We didn’t really take off from work during the holidays because we already used up all our vacation days midway through 2017 so there’s not much of an adjustment for us. I’ve yet to take my much needed vacation… hopefully, soon! Today, I’m sharing my 2 all-time favorites trends – faux fur & faux leather!

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