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    Ero Mama ("Sombrero Sama" in Tagalog or Bring Hat)

    It was one of those we’re-running-late days because I didn’t wake up early enough. And if you’re a working mom like me, you’d know that waking up an hour before you’re supposed to leave doesn’t work anymore. In between taking a shower and getting ready for work, preparing healthy breakfast, changing diapers and clothes (and sometimes shortly after you’ve changed their clothes, they’d manage to get them dirty again), brushing those tiny teeth, fixing your daughter’s hair, and preparing supplies for school (or daycare, we just like to call it school), 2 hours is hardly enough. And to think that I…

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    The Beginning

    My journey to motherhood started 3 years ago. It was the end of October 2013 when we found out that we’re having a baby. I can still remember how excited we were back then. I’ve always wanted to have 2-3 kids but I wasn’t expecting it to happen this fast. A few months after the birth of our precious daughter, we’ve been blessed with a baby boy. Isn’t it perfect? And that’s when everything started to change. I used to like to stay up all night and party with friends, even on weekdays; but rarely stay up past 9 pm nowadays, even…

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