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    Pajama Shopping

    Last week, my husband had told my son’s teacher that I am the “Queen of Bargains” when I told her where I got my Apple Watch bands (I’ll be sharing that with you soon) so I decided to share with you my cheap finds! I hope you find them useful! Recently, Carter’s had a really good sale. All the pajamas are 50% off + free shipping (no minimum), and I have a 25% off coupon which I could also use towards the pajama purchase. Imagine living in a tropical country like the Philippines where you’ll probably only need to get…

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    La Mer… Is It Worth The Price?

    I used to have oily face during the summer months and dry face in winter. I’ve tried several different moisturizers but nothing worked. Every few months, I would try to find a new moisturizer in the hopes of solving my skin problem. I was in the market for a new moisturizer and I heard about La Mer. To be honest, when I first heard about the brand, I told myself I won’t pay that much for a moisturizer. It’s just crazy!!! But the more I heard about it, the more I got curious so I started reading up about it. I…

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    It’s The 80’s Day

    It’s the 80’s Day at school, and of course, Mommy had fun dressing my babies up! Outfit details: Top was given by a friend, skirt from The Children’s Place, capri is actually a folded pants from Carter’s, socks and ribbon both from Gymboree, and pair of chucks from Zappos. Outfit details: both tops are from Gymboree, pants from Carter’s, and pair of moccasins from Deerieandco, hair done by Mommy. Thanks to my girl friends for helping me figure out what to have my son wear! Love you lots! Hope you loved them! To keep tabs on One Awesome Momma, don’t forget to follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest,…

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    Bedtime Struggles

    My daughter has always been a good sleeper. She started sleeping through the night when she was 2.5 months. Even when we were weaning her off swaddling, she still did great. When she was sick, she’d just sleep soundly. We only had to do one thing – and that is to rock her to sleep. Yes, my daughter had been rocked to sleep since she was born. When she arrived, it was just me and my husband. We both didn’t know what to do; we had to figure everything out on our own. Every time she’d cry (and was just fed and changed),…

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    The Secret To Get Through A Pregnancy Without Maternity Clothes

    Pregnant and have no money for maternity clothes? There is absolutely no need to buy maternity clothes. In one of my earlier posts, where I listed must have baby items for first time moms, I mentioned that I managed to get through my pregnancies without maternity clothes, not even a single one. And it’s not because my belly was so small that I didn’t even have to; I just didn’t want to. Why? First, they’re expensive; and second (at least for me), there’s not much variety. In this post, I will share how you can avoid buying maternity clothes during…

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    Dress Up Your Jeans with Basic Closet Pieces

    Make your jeans office-appropriate by dressing it up with a few basic closet pieces. I paired my skinny jeans with a white tee, fuchsia peplum jacket, a pair of nude ballet flats and a shoulder bag. Simple yet classy. **Check out the Pink Trend Spin LinkUp at The Fashion Canvas and Walking in Memphis in High Heels. To keep tabs on One Awesome Momma, don’t forget to follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Bloglovin’.

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    Ultimate New Baby Checklist: Everything You Need Right Now + Printable

    When I got pregnant with my daughter, just like most first-time moms, I knew nothing about motherhood. I didn’t know what stuff to get and what I shouldn’t, which stuff works and which don’t. Google was my friend back then; I went through several different sites and got overwhelmed with all the different  information I found. One website was saying I need this but another one was saying I don’t. It was helpful of course, but it was also confusing for me. So I had to step back, got my Belly Book and started listing some things I thought would be useful; then I reviewed the list that I have against the lists available online. After a few additions and removal, my list was complete.

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    Ero Mama ("Sombrero Sama" in Tagalog or Bring Hat)

    It was one of those we’re-running-late days because I didn’t wake up early enough. And if you’re a working mom like me, you’d know that waking up an hour before you’re supposed to leave doesn’t work anymore. In between taking a shower and getting ready for work, preparing healthy breakfast, changing diapers and clothes (and sometimes shortly after you’ve changed their clothes, they’d manage to get them dirty again), brushing those tiny teeth, fixing your daughter’s hair, and preparing supplies for school (or daycare, we just like to call it school), 2 hours is hardly enough. And to think that I…

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    The Beginning

    My journey to motherhood started 3 years ago. It was the end of October 2013 when we found out that we’re having a baby. I can still remember how excited we were back then. I’ve always wanted to have 2-3 kids but I wasn’t expecting it to happen this fast. A few months after the birth of our precious daughter, we’ve been blessed with a baby boy. Isn’t it perfect? And that’s when everything started to change. I used to like to stay up all night and party with friends, even on weekdays; but rarely stay up past 9 pm nowadays, even…

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