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    5 Ways To Wear Office Outfit And Not Look Boring

    Wearing traditional clothes to work every day can get boring if done every single day. Personally, it feels like you’re wearing a uniform, just in different colors. Don’t get me wrong; I do like wearing the conventional dress shirt and pants or pencil skirt to work, especially on days that I am rushing and just doesn’t want to think about what I’m going to wear. But, of course, there are days when I just want to feel good and express myself; so what better way to do it than to dress according to how I feel, right? If you ever find yourself in that…

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    Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Sample Kit Review – Part 2

    Two weeks ago, I did a review on the Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Sample Kit that I got from Sephora. If you haven’t read the first part yet, you can check it out here. As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, I am not an expert with regards to makeup. This is just me having some fun while trying out the different shades included in the sample kit. Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Review Today, I decided to provide my feedback on the third panel of the sample kit – the Neutrals. I’ll do the reds and browns last so make sure to…

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    I Love You

    It was Wednesday afternoon, we just got home from work and school, my daughter put a couple of Minnie Mouse stickers on my arms. I got her sippy cup and asked her to drink. As she was drinking, she saw the wounds on my right arm. She held my arm and said “kiss”. I lifted my arm closer to her cute little lips and she kissed my wounds, just like what I always do when she gets hurt. I said “Thank you!”; she replied “Abu!” (I love you!). – It was Monday, I felt movement in the bed, I felt a tiny…

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    Off-the-Shoulder Dress

    I took the day off work (and taking care of the kids) today to take myself out on a date; to do something nice for myself. When you’re  a mom, days like this are VERY rare so you really have to take advantage of it once the opportunity arises. I think the last time I did this was almost a year ago and I found myself shopping for the kids (not for myself). So let’s see where this day will lead me (I won’t promise I won’t do any shopping for the kids). Since summer is about to be over soon, I…

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    Have A Grateful Heart

    grabbed from Freeimages.com I have been guest blogging at BayArt and have recently published an article there. BayArt is all about bringing inspiration and happiness; and creating a value and making a difference. Of course, my usual posts wouldn’t be appropriate there;  so I had to turn on a switch that hasn’t been turned on for a while. This is the first time I have written something like this for years and I actually enjoyed it. Without further ado, here it is. I hope you like it. –   I haven’t always been grateful. I used to be a shallow carefree person who was only interested in getting what I didn’t have; I…

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    Cheap Bands For Apple Watch

    I recently got myself an Apple Watch Sport to track my activity throughout the day (to help keep me motivated to work out) and found myself drooling over several watch bands. But I don’t want to spend more after already spending hundreds of dollars for the watch so I checked Amazon. And just as I thought, there are a lot of cheap watch bands already being sold there. After thoroughly checking a lot of watch bands and their reviews, I decided to order my sport bands from LNKOO; and my milanese loop band from ikeen. LNKOO Sport Bands – The bands…

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    Stripes and Denim

    This morning, we decided to bring the kids to the park; and I thought it was a good time to wear our sneakers (given by my mother-in-law). My daughter and I both have pink ones; while my husband and son both have black ones. So why not wear matching outfits to go with our sneakers, right? Yes; I am that mom. I take advantage of every opportunity that I have to wear matching outfits with my kids and I love doing that. I’ll probably keep doing it until my kids let me. Outfit Details: On me: Top: Express (similar) | Shorts: No name brand…

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    Helping Your Child Get Over Fear Of Water

    My daughter has always been scared of the water. She doesn’t like the pool or beach at all, even fountains (I think the only water she likes is the water from the faucet when she’s taking a bath). No matter how we tried to entertain her (give her a toy, show her how much we’re enjoying it, etc.) while in it, she would always be anxious, would cling to me and fuss so our pool or beach time would always be a quick one. It was Saturday afternoon, both kids woke up early from their nap and already had their snack. There’s a pool party in our…

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    Links à la Mode, August 18th

    I’ve been fortunate enough to have been featured at Independent Fashion Blogger‘s Links à la Mode for this week. Check out the other bloggers who have been featured as well below. Aesthetic Distance: No Points for Pants Al-Balsam Life: Beat the Summer Heat {Even When You Have to Work} The Antisocialista: Guest Blog | The Mini in Me Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans: {Fashion Folio} Autumn Calling Everest Says: Styling August in Red and White Fashion Panache: Travel Style | Black Jumpsuit & Multicolor Accessories Five Foot Nothing Shopping: Petite Girl Style Tips | Make Your Legs Look Longer Goldwill Digger: Going…

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    The Momma Shoes

    Dressing up and wearing high heels used to be two of my favorite things. I used to own different kinds of shoes to go with whatever outfit I was in the mood for – strappy sandals, wedge espadrilles, sequined pumps, snakeskin peep-toe heels, studded sandals, suede ankle boots, knee-high boots – you name it, I have it. But motherhood came and changed all that (no complains and definitely no regrets). Since giving birth to my 2 beautiful kids, flats have always been my best friend. Wearing one makes it really comfortable especially if you have to rush every morning from the house to…

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