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    How To Throw The Best Safari Themed Party

    Since One Awesome Momma had just recently moved from WordPress.com to a self-hosted site, why don’t we celebrate it for a bit? And what better way to do a celebration than to do a post about a party, right? Let me share with you all the details of my son’s safari themed party that we threw for him last Saturday. – Note: I may receive commissions from clicks or purchases made through links in this post at no additional cost to you. While I wish these commissions were enough to let me stay at home with my kids, they’re really…

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    The Day I Found Out My Son Has A Peanut Allergy

    I’ve been very particular with what my kids eat. While my daughter can eat anything (even unhealthy ones once in a while), my son can only eat the good food – no junk food, only healthy stuff. Whenever we eat something that’s not healthy, he usually just stands there watching us – I know that sounds cruel but I just didn’t want him to consume anything unhealthy until he’s 1. That doesn’t mean that he’ll be eating unhealthy all the time as soon as he turns 1; it just gives me the peace of mind to let him try anything. That said, my husband and I have…

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    From Work To Weekend

    Whoever said that “Accessories can either make or break an outfit” knows what they were talking about. I believe that accessories are the key in creating different looks for the same pieces of clothing. You can wear the exact same tee shirt and jeans numerous times but look different every time by pairing it with different accessories. Wear them with a pair of sneakers and a hat for a casual look or you could wear a leather jacket over the shirt and put your favorite pair of boots on for an edgier look; the possibilities are endless. Last Thursday morning, I knew that we will be driving off to Great Wolf Lodge (to celebrate…

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    Check and Romper

    My son turned 1 recently and if you don’t know it yet, I wrote him an apology letter; you can read the letter here. Of course, we had a family dinner to celebrate his birthday. Other than spending time with my family, dressing up the kids is my next favorite thing during special occasions. I chose a checked shirt paired with a yellow twill shorts for my son; each less than $15. I can’t believe how time flies; it feels like it was just yesterday when he was born; but look at him now, he’s all grown up. While my daughter wore a romper…

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    To My Second Born Child

    To My Second Born Child, I can’t believe it has been exactly 1 year ago (already). While Daddy and I were on our way to the airport to pick up Papa from an almost 24-hour flight from Manila, you decided you wanted to welcome him as well; that’s when the contractions started. I ignored them because I thought they weren’t the real thing. As we sat in the arrival area waiting for Papa, the contractions became regular and stronger. I tried to be calm (not to cause a scene or anything) during each and every contraction. As soon as Papa arrived,  I hugged him and tears fell – I wasn’t sure if…

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    Striped Culottes

    Although there has been a drop in the temperature last week for a few days, it was just temporary. We are still enjoying Summer and I plan to enjoy every bit of it. This $15 striped culottes that I wore yesterday is just perfect for the warm Summer days and the Momma duties that I had to perform. I brought my daughter to her first dental appointment yesterday and she wanted to be carried from the parking lot to the dentist’s office. I also had to move a lot while we were waiting to be called because she wanted to switch between the play room and the waiting room…

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    Teal Pettiskirt

    We had dinner with my mother-in-law one weekend so I had my daughter wear the tutu skirt given by her lola (grandmother). I paired it with a simple white tee with “Perfect Princess” written on it and put her hair up in a pigtail. There’s something about pigtails, I feel like she looks so much cuter wearing one; so whenever I want her to look extra cute, I put her hair up in pigtails. Her lola (grandmother) gave her (and us too) 3 pairs of sneakers. She changed into her current favorite pair, the Disney Princesses that lights up whenever she walks…

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    Fall Must-Haves

    The past couple of mornings have been pretty chilly; there is no doubt that Fall is just around the corner. With the changing season comes the need to update your wardrobe; this is absolutely the best time to do just that (what a good excuse to do some shopping)! No, you don’t have to buy a  whole lot of new outfits; getting a few key pieces to pair with what you already have can, without a doubt, bring your old outfits back to life. But before you hit the mall or shop online; check out my must-haves to (hopefully) guide you in your fun task. – Note: I may receive…

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    Fuchsia A-line Skirt

    The kids had an End of Summer Bash Party at the daycare yesterday so it was an opportunity for me to wear my fuchsia a-line skirt. I really love everything about this skirt – the color is really nice, it hits me just a little bit below my knees which is perfect, it is very light and flowy which means I can move freely all day especially when it’s time to dance at the party (yes, I dance at my kids’ parties – I love to dance plus it’s a good chance for me to bond with them), and the quality is really…

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    5 Ways To Wear Office Outfit And Not Look Boring

    Wearing traditional clothes to work every day can get boring if done every single day. Personally, it feels like you’re wearing a uniform, just in different colors. Don’t get me wrong; I do like wearing the conventional dress shirt and pants or pencil skirt to work, especially on days that I am rushing and just doesn’t want to think about what I’m going to wear. But, of course, there are days when I just want to feel good and express myself; so what better way to do it than to dress according to how I feel, right? If you ever find yourself in that…

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