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    Sleeveless Coat

    I couldn’t get myself to buy a sleeveless coat no matter how flawlessly it completes any given outfit; so I found the next best thing – a convertible vest that doubles as a scarf. Isn’t that perfect? When it gets too cold and I couldn’t get away with wearing a light sleeveless coat, I can still use it as a scarf. I don’t normally wear outfits that lack color; I’ve always loved an outfit that has a good pop of color in it. But since fashion is all about taking risk and trying on new things, I decided to do just that and I didn’t…

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    KidloLand (An Educational App For Kids) Review + Giveaway

    KidloLand provided us free subscription in exchange for my review. As always, all opinions expressed here are honest and 100% my own. As a mom, I am very strict when it comes to screen time. I don’t let my kids use gadgets to play games on. In fact, they know that cellphones are only for calling and taking pictures. I don’t let my kids watch videos all the time; I limit their screen time – they are only allowed to watch videos for 30 minutes or less a day, and only if needed. And I am very picky with what they watch; I don’t let them watch just…

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    Oversized Cardigan – A Casual Look For Apple Picking

    Last weekend, we went apple picking; you can read more about our Our First Apple Picking Trip at my recent post. Today, I am sharing with you the details of the outfit I wore to the orchard. We left the house around 8:30 am and apart from me not being a morning person, we also had a few bottles of beer the night before after the kids went to bed, so it made me even more lazy to put together an outfit. I just threw on these pieces together and I think it was a wise decision. I love how this oversized cardigan protected me from the wind;…

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    Our First Apple Picking Trip

    Last Sunday, our family went on our first apple picking trip. Other than it was our first, it was special because my parents were able to join us. They are currently visiting from the Philippines and mainly went here to celebrate my son’s first birthday with us which is very sweet! Go ahead and check out his Safari-Themed First Birthday Party for some fun ideas, if you’re planning your own. Hopefully, they’ll be able to join us again next year. If you’re looking for some Fun Fall Activities To Do With A Toddler, don’t forget to check out my post about it. We…

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    My First Ever Liebster Award

    Yay for my first award ever! Thank you to Dannan of AsTrue for nominating me; you’re so sweet and it absolutely made my day. Please check out her blog at AsTrue; Dannan shares all things related to toddler, beauty and lifestyle in general that make her days better and easier. Sounds interesting, right? Now, I’d like to apologize for the delay in posting this; things have been crazy busy for the past few weeks but I am hoping to be able to catch up on everything by next week, if not this week. For those of you who haven’t heard what a Liebster Award is, it is…

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    Coordinating Family Halloween Costume Ideas You Must Try This Year

    Since we’re towards the end of September, Halloween is just around the corner. I know there are moms like me who already thought what their kids is going to be for Halloween as early as first or second quarter of the year (I don’t know for how long I can get away with it though). But for those of you who haven’t thought of yet what your little one is going to be this Halloween, then you’ve come to the right place. Today I’m going to share Halloween costume ideas for kids, as well as coordinating family Halloween costumes. –…

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    7 Simple Things To Feel Good About Yourself + Maple Holistics Winter Blend Shampoo Review

    As a mom, your day and energy can easily be consumed by just taking care of your kids and entertaining them; so it’s not that hard to take yourself for granted in the process. To be honest, I am one of those moms who easily gets lost in all the craziness that happens every day in their life. Luxury for me these days are being able to take a shower, put my moisturizer and lotion on, and spending a good 5 minutes all by myself before hearing “Where’s mommy?” or “Mommy, come here!”. I know how doing something for yourself can…

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    Cold Shoulder Top

    Happy Thursday, lovelies! Aren’t you excited that it’s just one more day before Friday and then we can all relax and enjoy the weekend? But who am I kidding? As a mom, there’s no such thing as relaxing even on weekends; it’s okay though, I actually enjoy lounging in my PJs the whole day while spending it with my family doing nothing. But on days that we have to go to work, of course, dressing up is a must. Since fall isn’t in full swing yet, I am taking advantage of it by still wearing spring/summer clothes. Other than the trapeze dress which I wore here,…

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    Fun Fall Activities For Families With Toddlers

    I grew up in the Philippines where the only seasons we’ve had are summer and spring; but ever since I lived here in the United States, fall has quickly become my favorite season. I love how beautiful this season is, especially when the trees started changing colors; I love the crisp air; I enjoy being able to transition my Summer clothes to Fall, and having to dress up in layers (something I didn’t get to do back in the Philippines) but still not feel as restricted as you do in winter. And the fact that there’s a bunch of budget-friendly fall activities that you can…

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    Flowing Into Fall

    These pictures were actually taken 2 weeks ago when it was a bit chilly in the morning but warm in the afternoon, so this blue Trapeze dress that I bought when I was pregnant with my daughter (see what other “tricks” I did so I didn’t have to wear maternity clothes here) is just perfect for that kind of weather. I’ve worn it with a scarf to take care of the morning chill, then removed it in the afternoon when the temperature had risen to 80s. Even though it has long sleeves, the fact that this dress is so light and flowy makes it very comfortable to…

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