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As a part of our commitment to upholding a high standard of transparency in our Privacy Policy, we’ve created this guide to explain the tracking technologies we use on our sites.

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When we say “we”“us”, or “our”, it refers to “One Awesome Momma LLC”, the entity who owns and operates One Awesome Momma (“Website”).

When we say “you”, or “your”, it refers to the website visitor who is any user, regardless of their relation to us, visiting the Website from any source like, but not limited to, search engines, social media channels, or email.

Cookies & Tracking Pixel

This website may use 2 types of tracking technologies – Cookies and Tracking Pixel.


The Website may log information using cookies, also known as browser cookies or tracking cookies, which are small, often encrypted text files, stored on your browser by the Website. The Website may use both session cookies, which expire when you close your browser, and persistent cookies, which stay on your browser until deleted, to provide you with a more personalized experience on the Website. For more general information on cookies, see

There are ways you can control your cookies preferences and set whether you want to accept or reject cookies. Check out “How to Enable/Disable Cookies” below to find out what your options are.

Tracking Pixel & Similar Technologies

Tracking Pixel is an often-transparent graphic image with unique identifier, usually no larger than 1 pixel x 1 pixel, may be placed on the Website or in our Newsletter that is used to monitor the behavior of the user visiting the Website or reading the email.

Why Do We Use These Technologies

We use these tracking technologies for a few general purposes like:

  • To allow this Website to function correctly.
  • To understand how this Website is functioning and to inform us of any improvements we should do in our performance and our services.
  • To enhance your experience on our Website. For example you don’t have to re-enter your details each time you engage with this Website.
  • To gather relevant data that helps us deliver marketing and advertising content relevant to your interests.

We might sometimes partner with third-party services who may use various tracking technologies to provide certain services or features on this Website, including targeted online marketing or relevant on-site messaging. These third-party services use cookies to anonymously collect data and allow them to recognize your computer or mobile device each time you visit any of our sites. No personally identifiable information is collected by these cookies. The anonymous data they collect is kept separate from the personal information about you as a user that we collect.

How To Enable/Disable Cookies

You can change your web browser’s settings to reflect your cookie preferences. Use these links to find out more information about cookie settings for these common browsers:

Also, you can opt out of third party advertising cookies at any time by visiting this page

Just keep in mind that if you disable cookies, tracking pixels, and similar technologies, there might be some functionality that will not work or not operate correctly on our Website.


For any questions about this Website’s Cookie Policy, please contact [email protected].

Cookie Policy updated: May 16th 2018

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