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I recently got myself an Apple Watch Sport to track my activity throughout the day (to help keep me motivated to work out) and found myself drooling over several watch bands. But I don’t want to spend more after already spending hundreds of dollars for the watch so I checked Amazon. And just as I thought, there are a lot of cheap watch bands already being sold there.
After thoroughly checking a lot of watch bands and their reviews, I decided to order my sport bands from LNKOO; and my milanese loop band from ikeen.

different colors of apple watch sports band and milanese loop band

LNKOO Sport Bands – The bands are available in both sizes and in different colors. They are being sold for $9.96 (compared to $49). I got 5 different colors (Antique White, Blue, Pink, Red, and Green). They are soft, although it’s helpful to note that I haven’t touched an original Apple Watch Sport Band (based on the reviews I found, some people have been saying they can’t tell the difference between the two; although there were some who have said that the bands are thinner than the Apple ones and they actually prefer it). I’ve already used 4 (out of 5) and so far both the wrist closure and magnet connector (to the watch) are stable and secure for all.

apple watch sport with milanese loop band

ikeen Milanese Loop Band – The bands are available in both sizes and in different colors (silver, rose gold, and space gray). They are being sold for 12.99 (compared to $149). I got the silver one and have used it for a week or so. I’ve seen the milanese loop band in person and I couldn’t tell the difference between the Apple one and the one I got from ikeen. The band has a stable and secure connection to the watch. The only thing I didn’t like is that the band loosens throughout the day. I had to tighten the strap a few times during the day. It only loosens a little and you’ll easily notice it so you can adjust it.

Helpful tip: Make sure to read the reviews on the product before actually buying one. I’ve read some reviews where their watch has fallen off and got damaged because the band’s magnet was defective.

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