Hi! I’m Belle. I am a full-time IT professional and an imperfect mom of 2 adorable kids. I grew up in Manila, Philippines where I started my career in IT shortly after graduating in 2004. After 7 years, I moved to Virginia, USA – left everything I knew and all that’s familiar – to experience my happily ever after. We still visit Manila from time to time and get together with family and friends, and enjoy the food, culture, and atmosphere that we dearly miss.

My husband came up with my blog’s name. I’ve been debating on a lot of different names then I decided to ask for his help; I asked him to describe who I am as a person in a few words and the first words that he said are “One Awesome Momma”. I loved it! It makes me feel I am doing everything right even though I know I don’t. And so I decided to use it.

One Awesome Momma is a lifestyle blog that covers motherhood, fashion, travel, lessons learned, and a colorful life filled with love, hope, laughter, and surprises.

Thank you for stopping by.


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