For Kids, Motherhood, Review / 20.03.2018

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As a mom, one thing that I constantly ask myself is how to keep my kids from spilling liquids all over the place. This is mostly true for my son. Yes, we've tried those leak-proof sippy cups and they're a lifesaver. However, because he thinks he's such a "big boy" now, he won't drink on closed sippy cups anymore (especially when he sees his older sister doing it so gracefully well). And when we're out,...

Women's Fashion / 13.03.2018

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How was your weekend? How did you handle the time change? We woke up at 9 am last Sunday (how awesome right?), had breakfast, and decided to take the kids to an indoor playground all day. We thought if they didn't take their nap, they'll be in bed earlier than usual which would help them adjust with time change. And as I expected, they were in bed by 7:30 PM and my husband and I...

Relationships / 06.03.2018

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Are you celebrating your wedding anniversary soon but on a tight budget? That's totally understandable! After becoming a mom and having to pay daycare for 2 kids, I've always asked myself how to celebrate a wedding anniversary on a tight budget. Between the never-ending bills and expensive daycare, not to mention the lots of stuff that your kids need, you won't always have a lot of extra cash lying around to be spent on a...

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