DIY, and Arts & Crafts, Motherhood / 09.01.2017

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Our guest author for today is Harry Carr. Harry is currently working in a small company which is situated in London and she loves to write about organizing and cleaning topics such as this one that she wrote for us. - There are plenty of ways to keep your toddler entertained with creating art but most of them end up with a messy room which needs professional cleaning. These 5 clever ways to avoid toddler's mess will save...

Reflections / 05.01.2017

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Have you ever wondered if long distance relationship is for you? Have you ever felt so strongly for someone but decided to just let those feelings go because that special someone is in a different timezone and the fear of not being constantly together might destroy your relationship? While I am not an expert in long distance relationships, I've been in one for 2 years. He lives in the U.S. while I was in the...

Beauty, Review / 03.01.2017

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Happy New Year! I hope you had a crazy and fun night ringing in the New Year with your loved ones. I know I did; we started potty training my daughter on New Year's Eve, played the whole day, attended the NYE mass, then had dinner as a family. As soon as the kids went to bed, my parents, my husband and I had a few bottles of beer while we sang karaoke as we...

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