Instagram Roundup – September

woman wearing different fall outfits - shorts paired with converse high tops and leather jacket, sheer top paired with distressed jeans and sandals, and cold shoulder top paired with shorts and ankle boots

I realized I haven’t done as much fashion posts as I’d like to lately; you’ve probably noticed that too. My life has been crazy busy and extremely eventful recently that I just don’t have enough time to work on my blog. You probably miss my fashion posts. And since I usually share some life updates and my outfits on Instagram, I realized I should do an Instagram roundup post every month.

Starting this month, I will be sharing my 5 favorite posts that I shared on Instagram the month before. I’ll also be sharing where you can shop my outfits! Yes, for those of you who aren’t on, you can shop these outfits here too. If you want instant access on my Instagram posts, all you have to is follow me. Here are my 5 favorite posts for September!

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toddler girl holding a preschool chalkboard first day of school sign, wearing a Gymboree floral dress, white sandals, with Elsa backpack

My daughter started preschool this year! I can’t believe how everything has been happening so fast! I can’t help but feel a bit sad that my baby is growing up so fast; but at the same time, I am also excited because it opens up a lot of new things for us to enjoy together!

dress | sandals | backpack | preschool chalkboard sign

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A week before my son’s birthday, we went to Virginia Safari Park to celebrate the special occasion. The weather was really crazy that I had to pack fall & summer outfits for everyone. Of course, I had to wear this leather jacket that I got a couple of weeks earlier while we were there.

striped top | shorts | sneakers | leather jacket | tote | sunglasses

mommy and kids wearing matching overalls | mommy and me outfits | mommy and me pictures | matching outfits mother daughter | matching outfits mother son | matching outfits mom son | matching outfits mom and son | matching outfits mom and daughter #mommyandmefashion #mommyandmestyle

We celebrated my son’s second birthday with a few of our close friends and my mom-in-law. The night before, I discovered that he has overalls hidden in his closet that he hasn’t used yet. Of course, the kids and I wore matching overalls during his birthday.

on mommy: lace top | overalls // on her: tee | overalls // on him: plaid shirt | overalls

woman wearing sheer top, distressed jeans, Steve madden heels, louis vuitton eva clutch | fall outfits | fall outfits women | casual fall outfits | casual outfits | sheer top outfit | distressed jeans outfit | distressed jeans outfit fall #fallstyle #falloutfit

We attended a children’s birthday party one weekend. It’s an indoor party and I always get cold so I decided to wear a sheer top and paired it with my favorite distressed jeans for a casual look.

top | distressed jeans | sandals | crossbody bag | sunglasses | necklace

woman wearing cold shoulder top, shorts, ankle boots, louis vuitton eva clutch | fall outfits | fall outfits women | casual fall outfits | casual outfits shorts outfit | shorts outfit fall | shorts outfit for fall | ankle boots outfit | ankle boots outfit fall ankle boots how to wear | ankle boots fall | cold shoulder top outfit | cold should top outfit fall | cold shoulder top fall #fallstyle #falloutfit

We attended another children’s birthday party, a taekwondo party, the last weekend of September. And although fall has already officially started, it was still 90s here in Virginia. So I had to wear shorts but decided to wear ankle boots just because it’s fall.

cold shoulder top | shorts | ankle boots | crossbody bag | sunglasses

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What did you think of this post? Which is your favorite outfit? On a different note, how is it that it’s already October? Are you ready for Halloween? Let me know in the comments. You know I always love to hear from you.

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