How To Get More Use Out Of Your Daughter’s Clothes

Kids’ clothes can be expensive especially since you have to get them new ones every 3 months or so (when they’re babies) and every 6 months (when they’re a little bit older as seasons change); and any practical tips that we can share to each other so we don’t have to buy as much clothes would really help, right? Which is why today, I am going to share with you what I usually do so I can get more use out of my daughter’s clothes.

Buy Clothes That Are A Size Bigger

First, I always buy clothes that are a size bigger. I usually compare the clothes in her current size and the next size to see what the difference is; most of the time, it’s the length. If that’s the case, I would always opt for the bigger size so she can wear them longer. This usually allows her to wear the clothes the current year and the next.

Resell Clothes On Facebook Groups

I buy clothes when they’re on sale; most of the time, I stock up on her next year’s set of clothes when they’re on clearance. Once she has already outgrown her clothes, except dresses (see below), I resell them on the different Facebook groups I am a part of. I don’t make a lot of money out of this though; the most I usually get is around $2-$3 per piece, which doesn’t really hurt me since I got a really great deal on them. And then I use the money I get from selling her stuff to buy her new sets of clothes.

Note: I may receive commissions from clicks or purchases made through links in this post at no additional cost to you. While I wish these commissions were enough to let me stay at home with my kids, they’re really for paying the fees to keep this site up and running. Thank you for your continued support!

I absolutely encourage you to join Facebook Groups that allow you to resell your stuff (not just clothes) within your area. This has saved me tons of money as these Facebook Groups also lets you find things you are looking for and get them for a fraction of the price. In fact, I recently bought this toddler wagon for $40 (used but in good condition) when it’s being sold for over $100 (brand new) on Amazon.

Recycle Dresses As Tops

2-month-old baby girl wearing orange Gymboree dress; and a 2-year-old toddler wearing the same Gymboree dress as top 2 years after

I recycle dresses that she has already outgrown as tops. Yes, you read that right? I let my daughter outgrow her dresses and have her wear them as tops when they’re already too short to be considered a dress.

I have a love-hate relationship with dresses; I love them because they’re always very cute and very feminine. But I hate them because they’re an outfit on their own; and you’ll have to change up the accessories to create different looks. And if you’re dressing up kids, there’s not much accessories you can get away with. Who’s with me here?

Recycling them into tops opened a lot of possibilities for me because I can easily pair it with different clothing pieces. What’s more practical is the fact that you can do this all year round, regardless of the season. And it’s also worth noting that you can pretty much do this with any cut of dresses except the dressier ones. How I wish we could do the same for my son though.

Summer and Spring

toddler wearing orange Gymboree sleeveless top, pink Carters pants, and Disney princesses sneakers - toddler fashion girl | summer outfit toddlers | toddler outfits girl | spring outfits toddler girl

This is a 0-3 month dress that she got to wear until summer last year; she was able to wear this for 2 years. If you looked at the collage before this image, you’ll notice that she’s wearing it as a dress. She was 2 months when that picture was taken.

toddler wearing blue Gap eyelet top, white Gymboree shorts, and blue Skechers sneakers - toddler fashion girl | summer outfit toddlers | toddler outfits girl | spring outfits toddler girl

This is a dress that she started wearing when she was 3-month old and has outgrown it by the time she was 6 months. But she was able to use it until last summer; she was able to wear it for almost 2 years.

toddler wearing Children's place multi-colored top, pink Gymboree shorts, and Disney princesses sneakers - toddler fashion girl | summer outfit toddlers | toddler outfits girl | spring outfits toddler girl

toddler wearing Children's Place flamingo printed top, pink Carters pants, and pink Nike sneakers - toddler fashion girl | summer outfit toddlers | toddler outfits girl | spring outfits toddler girl

These 2 dresses are for 6-9 months that I bought online when she was 6-month old. I didn’t know at that time that the clothes from Children’s Place run small. When I got them, they wouldn’t fit her as dress anymore but they’re just too cute to return so I used them as top. It wasn’t such a waste anymore. She was still able to wear them last summer.

toddler wearing striped Carter's top, denim shorts, and Disney princesses sneakers - toddler fashion girl | summer outfit toddlers | toddler outfits girl | spring outfits toddler girl

This is a dress that fits 9-12 months babies. She started using it around that age and last summer, she’s starting to outgrow it as a dress so I’ve been pairing it with shorts so she can still wear it as a top. It looks like she’d still be able to use it for this year too.

Fall and Winter

toddler wearing leopard print sweater, blue Carters pants, and Disney princesses sneakers - toddler fashion girl | fall outfit toddler girl | toddler outfits girl | winter outfit toddler girl

toddler wearing pink H&M sweater, multi-colored Carters pants, and Disney princesses sneakers - toddler fashion girl | fall outfit toddler girl | toddler outfits girl | winter outfit toddler girl

These are sweater dresses I got her when she was 6 months which she started wearing as soon as the weather got colder during her first year. Two years after, she still gets to use them as a top.

toddler wearing gray & pink Gymboree sweater, pink Carters pants, and blue Skechers sneakers - toddler fashion girl | fall outfit toddler girl | toddler outfits girl | winter outfit toddler girl

This is a 6-9 months sweater dress that she’s still able to 2 years after. She might still be able to wear it during the colder months this year.

toddler wearing orange striped sweater, white Carters pants, and pink Keds boots - toddler fashion girl | fall outfit toddler girl | toddler outfits girl | winter outfit toddler girl

This is a 12-18 month sweater dress that she started wearing as soon as the temperature dropped 2 years ago. This photo was taken last year; and as you can see, she’s still wearing it as a top. And looking at how it fitted her then, she might still be able to wear it again this year.

I’ve linked up some of my favorite dresses that you can definitely reuse as top when your daughter outgrows them.

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What did you think of this post? What other things have you done to get more use out of your kid’s clothes? Let me know in the comments. You know I always love to hear from you.

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  • Daynia Anthony

    I always buy clothes a size or two bigger. Great job I loved this

  • Lindsey

    These are such great ideas and I think I can implement them for my son as well! Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Emily Bendler

    I love this idea of using dresses and shirts! My girl is teeny tiny so many of the outfits we were gifted for her are too big still or won’t fit the season. I love this idea for getting the most use out of them!

    • Thank you! My daughter is small too and she still gets to wear some of her 18 months clothes now. I’m glad you found this helpful!

  • Ayanna

    Great tips and your daughter is too cute!! I have three daughters so there is a lot of clothes swapping and outfits remixing. I love turing old dresses into tunic tops too.

    • That is really awesome! You can save a lot with that. My daughter had clothes in all colors, even reds, blues, and greens. I had my son use those as well to save me some money.

  • Megan

    OMG I never would have thought to do this! What an awesome idea!!!

  • I am the queen of re-purposing so I love this. We thrive in hand me downs and I think the idea of turning dresses to shirts is great!

  • Lysa Luansing-Garcia

    LOVE this! I have two boys and 2nd born doesn’t mind big brother’s hand me downs. He actually thinks it’s cool!

    • Thank you! My son actually had some hand me downs from my daughter too. She has tees in all colors, even reds, blues, and greens. So my son got to wear those too! And it really helped that they’re both summer babies!

  • I’ve always done the hand me downs, but i wish i could recycle them like you did her baby dresses! so cool!

  • Bee Lovewell

    Recycling dresses into tops – that’s pure genius!

  • I got a lot of hand me downs for my daughter which was great. I also my big, buy clearance for the next season esp on holiday clothes!

  • Bethany M. Edwards📚

    I am all about using those dresses that are too short as shirts!! Thankfully I just had my second daughter in the same season as my first so I am getting to recycle a lot again!!

  • Neely

    I am so sending this to my SIL she will love this!

  • Ashley Millar

    I totally reuse her old dresses as “tunic” tops! It works 🙂 I’ve never thought of selling on Facebook, though. Thanks!

    • Thank you! You should absolutely try it! I’m addicted to selling on Facebook! LOL!

  • What great tips!! I love the dresses as tunics 🙂

  • Babies to Bookworms

    This is a great idea. We started doing this with my daughter because she is really tall for her age. She grows out of clothes like crazy!

    • Thank you! They really do grow up so fast; especially when they’re tall for their age. Good thing my daughter isn’t that tall. lol

  • I bought a lot of my toddler’s clothes off of facebook when he was born and utilized that when he got too big for them as well. I wish I could do some of these things with him! Hopefully if I have a daughter next I can remember this!

    • Thank you! I’m glad you found this helpful. But what you’ve done and have been doing is really smart! 🙂

  • Tea – Homeschooling With Tea

    We did the dress into a tunic for my daughter too. Actually we still do this now that she is 14 years old. Last year she out grew the length of many t-shirt style dresses so she’s wearing them as tunic this summer. Works wonderfully. We’ve also done it with leggings that fit but are “too short”, now they are capris. 🙂 Also skirts that are too short now work over those capri leggings. 🙂

    • I’ve done the leggings as capri too! And yes, the too-short skirts can absolutely be worn over leggings! Those are brilliant ideas!

  • tabithablue

    Just love this idea of using a dress as a top! I did it my accident recently with my girl, but it’s such a brilliant idea… I need to do it on purpose more often now! 🙂

  • Ashley Peggs

    I always buy clothes big! They definitely can wear them longer! I love the tip about wearing the dresses again as shirts! Great ideas!!

  • Lori G. Hill-Smith

    Great idea! My granddaughter is almost one. I’m gonna share this with her mom!

  • We resell on FB all the time!

  • Divine Mwimba

    This is too cute. I have 7 weeks baby girl and I keep buying clothes but she is growing super fast!!! But all the clothes are cute!!! I am done shopping for now 😉

    • I agree with you! How come all the clothes are cute? It makes us want to buy some more even if they already have tons. LOL

  • Meredith

    Oh my gosh what a great post!! And she is SO CUTE!

  • Clair

    Great list! I wish I had this list for my oldest daughter 🙂 Oh, and how cute is your little girl ❤️

  • dresses as tops is SUCH a good tip!!

  • Nicole Kamai Couchman

    I have a boy but I will definitely keep the tops as dresses idea if I ever have a girl!

  • I always get clothes that are a size up, especially when they are younger. They just grow out of them so quickly!

    • They really do! And they only use it for a few months! That’s such a smart move!

  • Kristin

    She is so darling! We have done the same thing and worn clothes for much longer than you would think. Although, I would have done it with more dresses, but I never could convince her she had to wear leggings under them – she still tried to wear them as a dress and it was a little inappropriate! 😀

    • Lol! That is the cutest! At least you still got more use out of her clothes. Thank you!

  • Great tips! With five kids of my own, it’s really helpful to know how to save on clothes and how to recycle/upcycle their clothing.

  • Great tips and tricks! I resell my girls outgrown clothes on facebook groups and eBay and use that money to get her new digs! I’ve been picking up the most adorable little 2T dresses off eBay for a couple bucks every few days … she now has a closet full of dresses for the summer!

    • That’s really smart! I love having my daughter wear dresses for summer; they’re just so adorable in dresses!

  • Catia Holm

    Dresses as tops!! Perfect idea 🙂

  • Melissa

    You are SO smart! Dresses as tops? I love it!

  • Kari Chalene

    What great ideas Belle!!! Love it!

  • Rachel Loza

    I’m totally guilty of buying clothes bigger so they last longer! 🙂

  • These are all wonderful tips. I also buy my kids clothes from thrift stores because I can get a BUNCH of clothes for less than $100 easily. On top of that the clothes in the thirft stores around here have been in excellent condition. I’ve even found some that still have their tags on them.

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