Women's Fashion / 27.06.2017

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woman wearing embroidered white Francescas one shoulder dress, Tiffany & Co. sunglasses, straw hat with multicolored tassels, pink Sam Edelman torrence heels, fuchsia Dior tote - francescas boutique | francescas outfits | francescas dresses | summer fashion | summer outfits | summer style | womens fashion | womens fashion for summer Happy Tuesday! How are you all doing? You were probably wondering why I didn't do any post for most of May. I did take a blogging break because I got to a point where it was too much for me to handle - being a mom of 2 precious toddlers, working full-time as an IT professional, and managing this blog - it was just a lot for me then. I took a break to remind myself why I started this blog and what I love about it; and yet I found myself starting my YouTube channel where I've been posting the highlights of our week and lookbooks. How crazy is that? Lol! I created my channel so I can show you what it's like to be a mom of 2 toddlers while trying to be as fashionable as I could. Check out our trailer and other videos (if you'd like); and if you enjoyed watching, don't forget to subscribe so you'll get first access to our new videos. I am absolutely back to blogging, but I might take a break from time to time if needed, with a much better content to offer. Today, we're going to talk about my favorite spring/summer trend - embroidery.
Kid's Fashion, Motherhood / 20.06.2017

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Kids' clothes can be expensive especially since you have to get them new ones every 3 months or so (when they're babies) and every 6 months (when they're a little bit older as seasons change); and any practical tips that we can share to each other so we don't have to buy as much clothes would really help, right? Which is why today, I am going to share with you 3 genius hacks to make your...

Motherhood, Review, Travel / 13.06.2017

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My daughter used to be scared of water - pool, ocean, anything. Even when I thought she has finally gotten over her fear of water, she really didn't. It wasn't until recently when she started showing interest in playing with water. She would constantly tell me how she wants to swim in any body of water she'd see, even a small puddle of water. How cute, right? We've taken her and my son to an indoor pool near where we live quite a few times during the colder months; and she'd constantly tell me she wants to do it again. So last Memorial Weekend, my husband and I thought it would be perfect to bring the kids to Massanutten Resort.
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