How To Successfully Potty Train In 3 Days

My daughter first started showing interest in the potty when she was 18 months. One day, she said she wanted to go to the potty so we just sat her there and she peed on her own. That was pretty exciting for us but we didn’t do anything after that because her school won’t be able to do potty training until she’s in the 2’s room. Since my husband and I work full time during weekdays and she’s mostly in school, we didn’t want her getting confused; so we decided to wait until she has moved up to the 2’s room, where they’ll be taught how to use the potty, before we start potty training at home.

Fast forward to Thanksgiving weekend (she was 2 years & 4 months old) last year, since we have 4 days off from work, I decided to start potty training her. The first day was really stressful for both of us. She got really anxious about using the potty that she decided she wants to withhold her poop (she’s been withholding her poop for a while now). She was able to pee in the potty 4 times (which I honestly think is great for day 1) but missed 9 times. Needless to say, I needed a couple of bottles of beer that night. The second day was shorter because we decided to go to the National Harbor Aquarium. And the days after that, I decided to not do anything at all because I’m worried she’s going to withhold her poop again. I decided to wait a little bit longer until “hopefully” she’s ready.

It wasn’t until the New Year’s weekend when I decided to try potty training her again. I don’t know; she didn’t really show signs that she’s more ready than a month ago, but somehow I just wanted to try again. I guess I want to think it’s my mom’s instinct that told me to. But true enough, she did it! She was potty trained in 3 days!!! Let me just tell you, my husband and I are no experts when it comes to potty training. But it really just amazed me that it all happened so fast that I wanted to share with you what worked for us, in the hopes that it could work for you as well. It’s helpful to note though, that the combination of all these things (at least, that’s what I think), is what really helped.

She Was Ready

Girl toddler is sitting on the potty, holding a roll of paper

I honestly think her readiness played a huge role in our potty training success. No matter how good we were in explaining to her that the pee and poop should go in the potty, if she was not ready, she won’t do it. After all, it’s her body; I guess that’s why she’s been deciding if she wants to withhold her poop or not.

I did some reading before starting to potty train her and found some list that will say if your kid is ready or not. I honestly think that those signs are just guide to help you assess when to do it; because she pretty much checked all the boxes on those lists like being able to remove her clothes or being able to tell us that she’s peeing or pooping, yet it was still a struggle for us when we tried to do it the first time. Those lists aren’t surefire way to tell you that it’s time to start potty training.

And I’d like to think that potty training is similar to anything in our life – if you’re ready and open to it, everything will go smoothly. And I think that’s what happened to us. She was ready and no longer scared of the potty, so she learned to master it as fast as she could.

Remove The Diaper Entirely

reusable cloth diapers with pile of disposable diapers

I had a friend who told me before that her daughter’s potty training went so much faster when they visited India. She said she wasn’t sure if it’s because it was a new environment for her daughter or because she completely stopped using diaper. I made sure to remember that so I can try it for myself when it’s my turn to potty train my daughter.

I tried it for the first time in November and I’m thinking maybe that’s the reason why she was able to pee in the potty for 4 times successfully, because somehow she grasped the idea that pee needs to go in the potty but it still didn’t work out for us because she wasn’t ready then.

A month after, when I did the exact same thing, she did really great; and she peed and pooped most of the time in the potty. I actually kept track of her progress to send as part of my email to her (I created email addresses for both my kids which I would send emails to whenever they just hit a milestone and I plan to give them the password to it when they turn 18 so they’d know every little detail of their life); and since I already have it, I decided to share it with you as well so you can see her progress.

Day Details
Day 1 1 poop; 1 pee; 1 miss (pee)
Day 2 0 poop; 4 pee; 1 miss (pee)
Day 3 2 poop; 7 pee; 0 miss

For 3 days, she did amazing! But it got me worried that she won’t do as great in the school since she needs to be comfortable to be able to express herself; and the teacher that she’s going to be with the whole day has just started the week before Christmas. She wore diaper in the school and I kept reminding her (before she went to sleep, during breakfast, on our way to school, at the school) that she has to tell her teacher that she needs to go to the potty. But unfortunately, she didn’t. As soon as we got home, she started going to the potty again just like she did over the New Years weekend.

The next day she went to school, we decided to not use diapers at all (only use it during nap time) with the consent of the school director; and she peed in the potty the whole day. She did really great the entire week while she’s at school and continued to do great until now.

I can definitely say that completely stopping to use diapers really helped because we’ve seen the difference when she was wearing one and when she wasn’t.

Praise & Reward

toddler girl eating lollipop as reward, wearing overalls 

During our potty training, we gave my daughter different rewards for when she pees and when she poops. I give more rewards for poop because as I’ve mentioned earlier, she’s been withholding her poop for a while; and the fact that she’s willingly doing it in the potty has been a great achievement for her. We give one small chocolate for pee and 2 for poop. Or sometimes we give her an ice cream treat. Now you may think that that’s a very unhealthy way of rewarding her; but my kids always eat healthy – they eat fruits and veggies ALL THE TIME. So I don’t really have a problem giving them chocolate or ice cream every once in a while; especially since my daughter had been doing a really great job with her potty training. We’ve discovered this chocolate-covered raisins and she really liked it! That’s a win-win for me because that also helped with her poop withholding.

Whenever she peed or pooped in the potty, everyone in the house, including my parents, continually praised her. I literally danced like a crazy person when she pooped in the potty for the first time and I caught her smiling. These things, seem to be little things for us, but I think it meant a lot to her.

Are you looking for some guides on toddler potty training? Are you going to potty train your toddler soon? Potty training can be tough especially if this is you are a first time mom. Check out this ultimate guide to ensure successful potty training in 3 days. It has everything you need to potty train your toddler in 3 days.

It’s been over 4 months since she’s potty trained and I’m glad to share that she’s still doing great. She has been wearing underwear since then; and only use diapers when taking a nap and when she sleeps at night, which I’ve yet to tackle. She has had a couple of accidents only because we didn’t go to the potty soon enough. She’d usually cry and tell me she’s a bad girl because she peed on her pants; but I continuously reassure her that she’s not a bad girl; and that it’s fine, accidents happen, and I still love her no matter what.

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Are you looking for some guides on toddler potty training? Are you going to potty train your toddler soon? Potty training can be tough especially if this is you are a first time mom. Check out this ultimate guide to ensure successful potty training in 3 days. It has everything you need to potty train your toddler in 3 days. Click on the image to learn more.

What did you think of this post? What other things have you tried during potty training that you would recommend to others? Let me know in the comments. You know I always love to hear from you.

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  • 3 days? Wow! That’s impressive. Love the graphics too. Super cute

  • We did it the same way when my son was a week from turning 3 and my daughter was 2 yr.,10mos. They have to be ready. My advice is to plan to stay home those days. Keep putting them on the potty. W my daughter it was summer so we did it outside!

  • Misty Day Kroeze

    Great job Momma!! I agree the biggest key is that they have to be ready to do it otherwise no amount of tips or tricks will work. The combination of things you used was great and glad she is on the right track. It took forever for my son to poop on the potty chair – he peed in it for months and it actually took a bout of diarrhea for him to finally poop in the potty. All it took was for him to do it once. My daughter is very similar to your daughter. She was way interested at 18 months and actually pooped and peed a few times but then decided she wanted nothing to do with it. Shes 2 and 3 months now and I’ve been talking to her about using the potty but we really haven’t tried. Maybe I’ll give it another go with the tips you suggested and see how it goes.

    • Thank you! Sorry it took a while for your son. But yay for your daughter! Good luck! I hope it goes as smoothly as possible.

  • Marissa Pedersen

    Great tips! I love the graphics you used. I’ll pin it to help other moms.

  • Ryan Sneltzer

    Great tips! We have to start this in a few months and we are not looking forward to it! Little toilet is purchased….time will tell!

  • Kari Chalene

    Some great tips here! You did good mama!

  • Jessica Peresta

    This is such great advice! We are about to start this whole process with my 2 year old (3rd time training a boy ugh).

  • I wish this had been around when my kids were potty training. The “when they’re ready” part is a big thing, all of my kids were different, but they primarily decided when it was time. Nobody ever told me to take the diapers, and I think that and praise are the biggest part once they decided. Awesome job!

  • This is pretty much exactly how we potty trained our son! I think it is so much easier to do when your child is ready and excited about it. Great info!

  • Meredith

    We’ve been starting to talk to our daughter about using the potty and she’s just not interested yet. But we did take all the diapers away with our son and it worked great! Planning on doing the same for her when the time comes.

    • It’s great that it worked for your son! Good luck for when you potty train your daughter! I hope it goes as smoothly as possible.

  • Wife Sense

    Your number 1 tip IS the number one tip – they have to be ready. All of mine were trained in three days (day and night) because they were ready. And they wanted to wear big boy/girl pants!

  • Messy Cutting Board

    Love this!! My daughter was so easy to potty train, however I think my son may be something else LOL pinned this for later, because like your #1 tip says when they are ready!! Thank you for the advice!

  • Kelly Bandas

    Waiting until they are actually ready is SUCH a great tip! We tried about 6 months too early with my youngest and it was a total flop. Fast forward 6 months and he is rocking it!!

  • We have really struggled with potty training in our house! I’ve been skeptical of these quick potty training techniques, but you have some great suggestions and it sounds like a really worked. I’ll have to keep this in mind for my second.

  • Victoria

    I am not at the potty training stage yet but I’m saving these tips for when we are. Thanks for sharing!

  • My son didn’t use the potty until we took away his diaper and pull ups completely! Great advice!

  • Jessica Harris

    I 100% agree that readiness in your child is key. I decided to potty train my son right at 2 and he wasn’t really ready and everyone paid for it. I was determined not to make the same mistake with my little girl. She decided she wanted to potty train right at 2 and I actually fought her on it lol. But lo and behold she was ready so she potty trained easily.

  • Amanda Maxwell

    WE do did the three day method with my son and he did amazing! He had a few accidents the week after at school and has been dry since! Fully support this method.

  • Ashley Millar

    I’m going to reference this soon! My daughter has been using the potty for a while now but I haven’t tried to make it an exclusive thing. This summer I’m planning on pushing for it!

  • Ann

    When my husband and I potty train out daughter it was a lot of fun. We are lucky that our daughter love doing the potty train. We had few accidents her and there but we are impressed how good she did on the potty train.

  • i am going to pass on your great tips to my friend who just had her first baby!

  • Betty Boiron

    That’s awesome you were able to potty train your kid in 3 days! We did a more prolonged potty training… Wish we would have seen this post! I will save it for when my daughter is ready!

    • So sorry to hear about your first time. Good luck on potty training your daughter! I hope it goes as smoothly as possible!

  • Great tips! We have successfully trained two boys at 2.5 and now have a 19 month old daughter who is starting to show interest. One of my daycare girls is ready to potty train and this was a good little reminder to help me through it ;). We also had good luck with the boys being bare-bottomed (although that may not be appropriate in all circumstances).

    • That’s really great! Yeah, I really think taking the diaper away so nothing’s catching it for them works wonders too!

  • Jalisa Marie

    I wish I got this haha. My son didn’t show interest until he was 3 years old. As soon as he did he started to go regularly.

  • Amanda Appiagyei

    I will definitely use these when I train my second. I can’t decide whether I should start earlier this time. I haven’t decided yet so I’ll probably wait and see if he shows an interest.

    • Absolutely true and you’ll probably know it’s time too! Good luck! I hope it goes as smoothly as possible!

  • Caitlin

    Thank you for the helpful tips! My son is 20 months and just starting to show interest.

  • This is amazing!! We are still a long way off from potty training, but I’m so intrigued by these “bootcamp” type plans. I’m definitely going to try something similar!

  • I’m soaking up all the potty training tips I can, as we approach a 2nd birthday with a little boy who just figured out how to wiggle out of his diaper!

  • Chelsea

    We just finished potty training my 3 year old son. Spot on the money on the fact that you have to wait until they are ready. We tried 4 times prior to this, and it was total failure. Then he woke up one day and wanted to use the big boy potty! Great tips!

  • Amy Blake

    Thank so much for the tips. We have been struggling with my son for a while

    • Thank you! I’m glad you found this helpful. I hope it goes smoothly for you.

  • Slightly Sarah

    Great post! Lots of good stuff. Getting ready to start our second and potty training is my least favorite thing ever!

  • Devon Bernthal

    Great post! I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award. Here’s a link to the post nominating you and the instructions for nominating others. You deserve it!

  • Meredith

    OMG I’m so bookmarking this for when my daughter is old enough!!! Great tips!!

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  • Clair

    Saving this for my littlest! I definitely didn’t have my other 2 trained in 3 days…hoping my youngest is the one to do it 😁

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