Potty Training In 3 Days: The Secrets To Be Successful

Potty training, by itself, sure can be challenging and overwhelming especially if it’s your first time. Add 3-day to that equation and that can get REALLY STRESSFUL! I know what you might be thinking… Potty training in 3 days, does it work? I totally get that! When I started hearing about those 3-day potty training methods, I thought there is no way that could be done. But that was until it worked for us! While I am certainly not a potty training expert; like you, I am just a mom who learns as I go and would appreciate all the help I can get. Which is why I decided to share with you what we did to successfully potty train my 2-year-old daughter in 3 days.

My 2-Year-Old Daughter Was Ready

toddler girl sitting on a potty showing readiness - tips for successful potty training in 3 days

Her readiness played a huge role in our successful 3-day potty training. No matter how good we were in explaining to her that the pee and poop should go in the potty, if she was not ready, she won’t do it. No matter how consistent we were in having her seat in the potty every 15 minutes, if she didn’t want to do it, she won’t do it. After all, it’s her body; only she can decide what she wants to do with it.

Forget those potty training readiness checklists available all over the internet. Those are just guides but aren’t surefire way to tell you if your child is ready or not. No one will be able to tell you if your child is ready for potty training or not better than your own child.

Potty training is similar to anything in our life – if you’re ready and open to it, everything will go smoothly. And that’s what happened to us. She was ready and no longer scared of the potty, so she learned to master it as fast as she could.

If you think your child is ready, try to introduce the potty and the concept. If it doesn’t go well, don’t stress out. It just means that your child isn’t ready yet. You can’t force someone to do something if they aren’t ready. Wait for another month or so and try again. Once your child is truly ready, without a doubt, you’ll be able to successfully potty train in just 3 days.

Remove The Diaper Entirely

image of disposable and cloth diapers to convey that they are no longer needed to be successful in potty training in 3 days

I remember a friend of mine told me that her daughter got potty trained really fast as soon as she stopped using diapers. So when we started potty training, we removed her diaper entirely. My daughter did really great; and she peed and pooped most of the time in the potty. Below is her progress during the 3 days we were potty training her:

Day Details
Day 1 1 poop; 1 pee; 1 miss (pee)
Day 2 0 poop; 4 pee; 1 miss (pee)
Day 3 2 poop; 7 pee; 0 miss

For 3 days, she did amazing! However, when she went to school on the 4th day wearing a diaper, she didn’t go to the potty AT ALL; even though I kept on reminding her that she needed to go to the potty on our way to school. Surprisingly, as soon as we got home and removed her diaper, she started going to the potty again.

The next day she went to school, we decided to not use diapers at all (only use it during nap time); and she peed in the potty the whole day. She did really great the entire week even when she was at school.

Skip the training pants, you won’t need those! They are pretty similar to diapers which only confuse your child even more. Wearing a diaper made my daughter comfortable because she knew something would catch her pee and poop, so she didn’t feel the need to go to the potty. But when she wasn’t wearing one, she had no choice but to go to the potty. And that contributed to our successful potty training in 3 days; because she grasp the concept that the poop and pee should go in the potty so much faster.

Praise & Reward

toddler holding a lollipop as a reward for using the potty - tips for successful potty training

During our potty training, we gave my daughter different rewards for when she pees and when she poops. We’ve tried candies and chocolate. And sometimes we gave her an ice cream treat. You can try stickers too or anything that will make your child excited. The only important thing to remember is that the rewards should be easily sustainable. If you’re up for it, you can even promise to give them a toy that they’ve always wanted if they do really great with potty training. That will surely encourage them to do good at it.

In addition to the rewards my daughter was getting, whenever she uses the potty, everyone in the house continually praised her. I literally danced like a crazy person when she pooped in the potty for the first time and I caught her smiling. These things, seem to be little things for us, but it did mean a lot to her – to them; and did encourage her to always use the potty which contributed to our successful potty training in 3 days.

Always Remember, Accidents Do Happen

mommy hugging daughter to reassure her that it's okay to have accidents - tips to successful potty training in 3 days

My daughter has had a couple of accidents only because we didn’t go to the potty soon enough. She’d usually cry and tell me she’s a bad girl because she peed on her pants; but I continuously reassure her that she’s not a bad girl. I would always comfort her and tell her that it’s totally fine because accidents really happen, and I still love her no matter what.

Whatever the reason is, keep in mind that accidents will happen. And it’s important to let your child know that it’s absolutely normal for them to have accidents; and that you still love them no matter what.

infographic of how to do successful potty training in 3 days

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image of a toddler sitting on a potty - potty training in 3 days

image of a toddler sitting on a potty - potty training in 3 days

What did you think of this post? What other things have you tried during potty training that you would recommend to others? Let me know in the comments. You know I always love to hear from you.

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