What Moms Really Want For Mother’s Day + Giveaway

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My mom is one of the women I know who isn’t addicted to shoes; she is fascinated to flip flops (the ones with great quality) though. I can still remember back when I used to live in the Philippines, I would always take her out on a date for Mother’s Day or her birthday and give her a new pair of flip flops. She would always get excited every time I get her a pair so I thought that’s what she really wants. But that was until I became a mother and actually got to experience what being a mom is really all about.

After being a mom for over 2 years, I think I have a better understanding of what moms really want for Mother’s Day; and it’s not what most of you think. Today, I am sharing with you what moms really want for Mother’s Day and even beyond that.

Tangible Gift

I understand the need to get the Mom in your life a present for Mother’s Day to show her you appreciate everything she has done and has been doing for the family. So if you really want to get her a gift this Mother’s Day, a personalized jewelry is perfect for that.

Personalized Jewelry

I LOVE anything personalized! Shortly after I gave birth to my daughter, I got myself a personalized bangle with my husband and daughter’s name on it and the phrases “My Loves – My Life – Answered Prayers”. And for Mother’s Day last year, I told my husband exactly what I wanted. It’s a personalized necklace with 2 pendants; each with my kid’s name and birthday on it. I use them both almost every day because I love them so much! They’re my most treasured jewelries even if they didn’t cost a lot; simply because wearing them reminds me how blessed I am to have 2 beautiful kids.

So this Mother’s Day, why don’t you get her a personalized jewelry? And this personalized necklace from Tickle Bug Jewelry is just perfect for that.


Tickle Bug Jewelry began in 2014 as a way to express Lisa’s creative side while staying home to raise her THREE fun, dirt covered boys.  With her amazing husband’s encouragement and support, what started as a hobby quickly developed into a full blown love affair with creating meaningful treasures for others. You can read more about Tickle Bug Jewelry here.

Among the different selections of personalized jewelry available at Tickle Bug Jewelry, my favorite is the Birthstone Bar Necklace in rose gold (also available in sterling silver and gold-filled); which is what I was provided with. It features 1.5″ long rose gold-filled bar that showcases tiny 2mm Swarovski birthstones of your choice. And hangs from a delicate 18″ long rose gold-filled cable chain for a total length of 19.5″. You can read more about it here.

Tickle Bug Jewelry Birthstone Bar personalized necklace and Wish Bracelets

The personalized Birthstone Bar Necklace arrived beautifully packed inside a tiffany blue Tickle Bug Jewelry box secured by a silver elastic ribbon, along with a purple cleaning cloth. Lisa was really sweet to include 3 Wish Bracelets (in sterling silver) for me and my kids in the package.


All my jewelries are either sterling silver or white gold; but I’ve been into rose gold lately (thanks to Apple) which is why I decided to try the rose gold Birthstone Bar Necklace. And it didn’t disappoint!!! The rose gold color is very pretty, and the personalized necklace itself is very beautiful; I just adore all the delicate details. I must admit that the pictures my husband and I took didn’t do the necklace any justice. Other than the personalized necklace looks very classy, which is one of the things I look for in a jewelry, I LOVE that it beautifully holds the birth stones of the people I love – my husband and both of my kids. Doesn’t it make the perfect gift for moms on Mother’s Day?


I immediately fell in love with my Birthstone Bar Necklace as soon as I saw it! Since I got my personalized necklace, I’ve been wearing it every single day. Whether I’ve been wearing it on top of my clothes (for tops with high neck line) or just sitting comfortably on my neck, I LOVE how it looks every time! I actually find myself stopping and admiring the necklace every time I pass by a mirror.

So this Mother’s Day, why don’t you get her a personalized jewelry from Tickle Bug Jewelry? If you’re not convinced that the Birthstone Bar Necklace would be perfect for her, Actual Handwriting Jewelries, Personalized Rings, Personalized Bracelets, and other Personalized Necklaces are also available at Tickle Bug Jewelry. *HINT: Finish reading all the way to the end; there’s a gift waiting for you!*

And if you think a personalized jewelry is still not enough to show her how much you’re grateful for the amazing and wonderful mom that she is, you can add a gift card to her favorite store or salon or a craft from kids with your gift.

Intangible Gifts

As I’m sure any mom would appreciate any gift you’d give her this Mother’s Day, these simple things below are often taken for granted, yet really means a lot to moms like myself. If you plan to get her a special gift, go ahead and do that; but please try to do at least one of these things in this list as well. These things are surefire ways to make her feel special on Mother’s Day.

A Day Away From All The Mom Responsibilities

Being a mom is a full-time job; and probably, the hardest job of all. And most of the time, you never really get a break. Every day with the kids is an adventure because you’ll never know how each day is going to be. There are bad days where nothing goes right; but if we’re lucky, there will be days (which are very rare) where everything will go smoothly. Even the most patient and nicest mom can still get stressed out and exhausted from all the responsibilities that come with being a mom. So the least you can do is to give her a day for herself; or if she’s like me and couldn’t do an entire day, a few hours would work too.

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Let her do whatever she wants with her day – catch up with friends, read a book she’s been wanting to read for a while but just couldn’t find the time to, shopping, a salon or spa appointment; or if she wants to just stay at home and do nothing, let her. Plan a fun day with the kids so mom can enjoy a day (or hours) away from all her responsibilities. I’ve done a few hours away and I swear, it is so refreshing; and I would absolutely recommend this to any moms.

Help Out At Home

My husband helps out A LOT at home. He cleans, he washes the dishes, he cooks, he does the grocery shopping while I stay at home and take care of the kids, and he helps out with the laundry and the kids too. And I couldn’t thank him enough for doing that.

Busy Father Looking After Son While Doing Household Chores

But I know that not a lot of moms get the chance to experience that. So try to help out at home if you could. You don’t have to do a lot of things; even a simple cleaning up after she cooks will be greatly appreciated, or offer to give the kids a bath so she can enjoy 5-10 minutes to herself. And if you could, do it even beyond Mother’s Day; try to do it every day. It seems like a very little thing to do but it is really a HUGE help for us moms.

Extra Hours Of Sleep

Since I became a mom, it’s very rare that I’d get at least 8 hours of sleep. Most nights, I only get 5-6 hours of sleep even though my kids are older and don’t really wake up at night anymore. I used to wake up in the wee hours of night to cook so I can spend the remaining hours of day with my kids when we get home from work. And I guess that is why my husband decided to help out with cooking. However, recently I always stay up late so I could do whatever it is that I need and want to do while the kids are sleeping. When my parents were still staying with us, my husband used to let me get some extra hours of sleep; and that really helped a lot.

Mommy sleeping on the bed

A well-rested mom is a happy mom. So on Mother’s Day, and if you could, maybe once a week, try to help with taking care of the kids so she can get a few extra hours of sleep that she truly needs.

Time With Her Partner

My husband and I used to always go out on dates and travel a lot. As soon as I became a mom, spending time with my husband like we used to has always been a struggle. We’ve tried to stay up while the kids are sleeping so we could spend some time watching a movie or TV series; but these days, staying up has always been a challenge for me. I’ve always been so exhausted with everything I had to do during the day that I would frequently find myself passing out while putting my daughter to bed.

Loving couple on the night city background on a date

If you’re the partner, arrange something on this special day so you could spend some time with her and do something she likes to do. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, it could be anything as long as you are spending quality time with her.

If you are a friend or a sister or her mom or anyone else, volunteer to watch the kids for a few hours so she can go out and spend some quality time with her partner.

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