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As a self-confessed bag addict, one of the things that got me excited as soon as I learned that I was pregnant is that I get to shop for diaper bags. I honestly don’t know why; I guess it has something to do with the fact that I’ll have something new to add to my bag collection. My “perfect” diaper bag wasn’t something that screams diaper bag; it has to be stylish and something that looks like a normal bag, yet functions like a diaper bag, of course. Imagine my excitement when I found one during a huge brand’s sale and got it for 75% off! I can still remember how thrilled I was when the bag got delivered; as soon I saw and tried it on, I knew that I was going to be the most stylish mom ever!!! And then I opened it and saw the changing pad that came with it, my dreams were crushed! You’d think that if it was made by one of the huge names in fashion, everything that comes with the bag would be stylish as well, right? Well, it wasn’t. The changing pad looks like a standard changing pad that you’d see everywhere else.

Am I over-reacting? Why would I need a stylish changing pad? After all, it’s just probably going to have a lot of poop and pee on it. I am with you and I know that. And that is why I didn’t go ahead and looked for the most stylish changing pad there is. I realized that the changing pad is going to be inside the bag most of the time; and the only time I need to pull it out of my diaper bag is when we are in the bathroom where everyone’s busy minding their own business. And as long as it does the job, then I’m fine with it. I guess it’s just something extra if the changing pad is stylish as well.

That has worked for me for a short time though. It wasn’t long enough until I figured out that it makes my life so much easier if I already have the changing pad, diaper, and wipes ready before I even go to the bathroom so I don’t have to carry my baby while struggling to find what I need in the diaper bag. The problem with that though is, other than the changing pad isn’t presentable enough, things would constantly fall from my hand while rushing to go to the nearest bathroom. And bending over while carrying a baby isn’t fun at all.

Today, I’ve partnered with Posh Play to bring you the most stylish diaper clutch and changing pad to address all these needs.

About Posh Play

Posh Play chicly designs all their products for in home use- arts and crafts, babies and kids’ mealtime, and messy play. They are made from beautiful faux leather in snakeskin and crocodile embossed textures. And all products are spill-proof and wipeable and can be monogrammed. You can read more about them here.

About The Diaper Clutch & Changing Pad Set

The Diaper Clutch & Changing Pad Set is portable and made of faux leather. Discreet and stylish diaper changing on the go is what they had in mind when they made this. You can read more about it here.

Posh Play Diaper Clutch & Changing Pad Set

I was provided with the Slate Diaper Clutch & Changing Pad Set. I adore how stylish it looks and how luxurious the faux leather feels. I love how there’s an extra room in the diaper clutch for other essentials that you’d like to put in it.

Using The Diaper Clutch & Changing Pad Set

diaper bag with and without posh play diaper clutch & changing pad set

Posh Play Diaper Clutch & Changing Pad Set with diapers

The diaper clutch & changing pad set from Posh Play did simplify how I pack my son’s stuff when traveling. I used to have a bag that has his diapers, his old changing pad, wipes, a bag for extra sets of clothes, and his epi pen. Now, I can use the diaper clutch to hold his diapers, and travel wipes (if we have any) as well.

toddler using Posh Play Changing pad during diaper change

toddler using Posh Play Changing pad during diaper change

The changing pad does a great job of protecting the surface underneath from being filled with pee or poop. It is easy to clean; just wipe it and everything comes off easily. However, when you’re in an uneven surface, like a soft mattress or couch, and your kid pees accidentally, the pee flows in it to the mattress, just like any waterproof materials, so just be careful about that.

mommy holding Posh Play Diaper Clutch & Changing Pad Set, on the go with son

And of course, I love how stylish the diaper clutch is. I can take it out from the diaper bag and take it with me from across the room to the bathroom and not worry about it not looking presentable at all. And since the diaper clutch is roomy enough, I can put everything I’m going to need in it so I won’t have to constantly bend and pick up stuff like I used to. Plus, I can just use this for short trips like running errands and stop bringing the entire diaper bag with me.

toddler using Posh Play Changing pad during diaper change

However, I think it would have been more helpful if the changing pad is a bit longer so it can cover my son’s entire body. When using public restrooms, I like to make sure that the public changing tabled is covered by the changing pad so my son’s body isn’t touching it to protect him from any virus the changing table might have.

The Verdict

I really love the look and feel of the diaper clutch & changing pad set from Posh Play. It has most of what I’m looking for in a diaper clutch & changing pad – functional yet stylish. Even with the length of the changing pad, I still find myself using it all the time, I just use another protective layer to protect my son’s upper body if we’re using a public bathroom.

I would absolutely recommend this to other moms who are looking for stylish yet functional diaper clutch & changing pad set.

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This product was provided for free by Posh Play in exchange for my honest review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% honest and my own.

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