Everything That You Need For A Successful Surprise Proposal

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If you are looking to ask your partner to marry you and you are looking for inspiration, the Huffington Post website has some excellent information on how to plan the big event. A good way to approach the situation is to make yourself a checklist of all the different aspects that you will need to arrange and address each one individually. What will be included in your list will all depend on the type of proposal that you have in mind.

Who Needs To Know?

In a lot of cases, you are going to require help from friends or family to pull the proposal off without a hitch. From finding out your partner’s ring size to arranging friends and relatives to be in the right place at the right time, it is a good idea to have someone to help coordinate everything for you to make sure that the scene is perfect. If you are planning on making a public proposal in front of friends and family, you will also need to draw up an invitation list and ensure that all of the most important people are in attendance.

A Perfect Ring

What would a wedding proposal be without a ring? Many women have an idea of their perfect engagement ring, and this is where friends and family can help you to choose the perfect ring for your partner. Simon West Fine Jewellery offers the best diamond engagement rings Melbourne wide, and you are sure to find the perfect ring when you visit their showroom. Before you shop for your ring, you will want to set yourself a budget, and if need be, you can also get credit from most reputable jewellers.

The Perfect Setting

Some people prefer the idea of an intimate setting where it is just the two of you somewhere romantic, while others like the idea of a large gathering of people to help you celebrate. Whatever type of proposal you are planning, you will want to choose the location accordingly. Whether it is in the grounds of a hotel, around someone’s house, or on the beach, there is a lot of planning that you will need to do.


You will need to make sure that everything is arranged for the perfect meal and drinks for your partner, as well as your guests if you have any. Many establishments are happy to help organise your proposal and if you ask they may even have experience at planning events such as yours. Even little touches such as arranging for a bottle of champagne can set off a moment and make it eternally memorable.

Have a Backup Plan

Sometimes problems occur no matter how much planning we do. As such, it is important that you have a backup plan in case of incidents. If your event is outdoors, then you will need to make sure that there is enough room inside for your party if the weather turns bad.

It is not possible to plan for every eventuality, but you can cover most things with a bit of lateral thinking. However you ask your partner to marry you, make it personal from you and use words straight from your heart – that is one way to make sure that they will say yes!

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