How To Do The No-Makeup Look With Claré Blanc

I love cosmetics but I am not really good with putting makeup on. I can’t contour; I don’t know how to get that winged eyeliner look nor do I know how to perfectly blend my eyeshadow. I’ve tried watching Youtube tutorial videos and would follow each and every step they say you should do, but I would just always end up frustrated every single time. So when I discovered mineral makeup products a few years back, I was very ecstatic! Finally, I can put some makeup on without requiring the proper skills (that I cannot seem to have) to do so!

Since then, mineral makeup have always been my go to; and I didn’t bother going back. I love how easy they are to apply while giving me that fresh natural look which I have grown to love – the no-makeup look. It’s probably a no-brainer why I’ve been in love with this look; it gives you that natural youthful glow while also highlighting your facial features.

I don’t wear makeup all the time. I only wear makeup when there’s a special occasion; and if I do, it has to be my favorite no-makeup look. It has never failed me; I’ve always gotten tons of compliments because of it. Today, I’ve partnered with Claré Blanc Minerals to bring you their mineral makeup line which will help us get that look.

About Claré Blanc Minerals

Claré Blanc was created out of a love for beauty and years of acquired knowledge about minerals. It is more than another cosmetics brand collection; it is a different life style choice. They know that makeup can simultaneously glamorize and nourish. That it can emphasize the assets of our beauty while covering up our imperfections. It also can be great fun without any negative health effects. You can read more about them here.

About the Products

clare blanc mineral makeup - mineral foundation in beige and medium, matte mineral blush in fuchsia, and luminizing mineral veil

I was provided with the Mineral Foundation in Beige & Medium (they sent me 2 samples) with SPF 15, Matte Mineral Blush in Fuchsia, and the Luminizing Mineral Veil Powder in Be Mine.

The superbalanced foundations are developed in such a way, so that they are suitable for all skin types, even dry, sensitive and allergy prone complexions. Their delicate, fine loose powder consistency makes it so that they perfectly blend into the skin while evening out its tone. The Mineral Foundation in Beige with SPF 15 is designed for individuals who have a complexion of a medium-peach color.

The blushes are perfect for subtly emphasizing the cheek bones and contouring the face. Their delicate and powdery consistency guarantees a uniform application of the cosmetic onto the cheek bones creating a natural effect. The Matte Mineral Blush in Fuchsia is a matte shade with a bold and confident pink pigment. When used in small amounts, it gives cheeks a fresh and youthful blush. In greater amounts, it’s great complement to bolder styles.

The luminizing powders exceptionally delicate and light formula gives a perfect finish to your make up, while freeing your inner glow at the same time. The Luminizing Mineral Veil Powder in Be Mine is an illuminating powder with delicate silver flecks that leave an extremely fresh-faced effect. When applied to the eyes, it makes them glow and offsets the impression of a tired face.

The Packaging

clare blanc mineral makeup - mineral foundation in beige and medium, matte mineral blush in fuchsia, and luminizing mineral veil

Each full-sized product comes in a white and teal box neatly wrapped in a Claré Blanc wrapping tissue paper, except for the foundation. Also, each full-sized product has a sticker inside the container sealing the holes which prevents the product from spilling on the cover, which I think is the standard when it comes to mineral makeup.

Using The Mineral Makeup

woman without any makeup on

Here is my freshly washed face with nothing but moisturizer on. I have a very sensitive skin so you’ll notice the red patches on my face which I’d always have right after washing it. You’ll also probably notice that my face has a different tone than my neck. I honestly don’t know why; but it has always been like that. Even if I put foundation (any brand) on my neck to even out my skin tone, my face would always be slightly pinkier than my neck.

Before applying the products on, I washed my face and applied my moisturizer. Once my moisturizer has been absorbed, I applied my favorite makeup primer. Once it has set, I opened the mineral foundation container and put a little bit of the foundation on the lid. I used a bigger lid to do this since the lid for the sample ones are too small. I kept on swirling my brush until I saw that the product has been fully absorbed by the brush; then tapped any excess powder on the rim of the lid. I then started swirling the brush all over my face in circular motion.

For the mineral blush, just like the mineral foundation, I put a little bit of the blush on the lid, swirled my brush, tapped any excess powder, then applied it to my cheekbone in a horizontal line.

Before I applied the luminizing mineral veil, I decided to take some photos first so you can see the difference it can make.

woman with no makeup look after using clare blanc luminizing mineral foundation and blush without using luminizing mineral veil

Here is how it looked with just the mineral foundation and matte mineral blush. You will notice that it still gave me that perfect no makeup look that I want.

I then applied the luminizing mineral veil just like how I applied the mineral foundation. I put a little bit of the veil on the lid, swirled my brush, tapped any excess powder, then swirled the brush all over my face in circular motion.

woman with fresher no makeup look after using clare blanc luminizing mineral veil on top of mineral foundation and blush

Here is how it looked after applying the luminizing mineral veil on top of the mineral foundation and mineral blush. You will notice that there is only a subtle difference after I finished my makeup off with the luminizing mineral veil. But it did give me a fresher and more natural dewy finish as compared to without it.

My Thoughts On The Mineral Makeup

I love how light the mineral foundation is yet it provides me with enough coverage. The coverage is actually buildable so if you want more coverage, you could achieve that by applying more product on your face until you get the level of coverage that you want.

I was so happy that I chose the fuchsia matte mineral blush to try. I am in love with how it gave me that fresh and healthy glow with very little product. Just like the mineral foundation, the matte mineral blush is also buildable. Just keep on applying more product on your cheekbones until the desired intensity of color has been achieved. I love how I can use the same blush for both day and night. I’ll wear it just like how I’ve worn it here during daytime and apply more for a bolder look at night.

The luminizing mineral powder is the best way to set your makeup. As you can see in the pictures above, yes, it is still possible to get that natural looking no-makeup look even without the luminizing mineral veil powder. But if doing something that doesn’t even take a minute can give you a more youthful dewy glow, would you even dare say no to that?

The Verdict

I am absolutely in love with the Claré Blanc Mineral makeup line. It gives me that no-makeup look but it looks more fresh and naturally dewy than what I’ve been using. I loved how long lasting this mineral makeup line is; I didn’t have to do any retouches at all. My makeup still looked fresh until I had to wash my face at the end of the day.

I also love the fact that my face didn’t breakout after using the mineral makeup line. As I’ve mentioned earlier, I have a very sensitive skin; my skin reacts to just about anything. On any given day, you would always see red patches on my face just because (up until now I still don’t know what causes the flare ups). That’s why it has been very hard for me to look for products that won’t irritate my skin; and when I found one I have to stick with it.

And the fact that my skin didn’t react to this mineral makeup line, is a testament to how mild, gentle, and natural the ingredients are that they have used for these products. I would highly recommend this makeup line to anyone who’s been using mineral makeup or those who have been on the fence about trying them.

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These products were provided for free by Claré Blanc Minerals in exchange for my honest review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% honest and my own.

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