GUEST POST: 5 Clever Ways To Avoid Toddler’s Mess

Love to do arts and crafts with your toddler but hate the mess? Check out these 5 clever ways to avoid them while still encouraging creativity.

Our guest author for today is Harry Carr. Harry is currently working in a small company which is situated in London and she loves to write about organizing and cleaning topics such as this one that she wrote for us.

There are plenty of ways to keep your toddler entertained with creating art but most of them end up with a messy room which needs professional cleaning. These 5 clever ways to avoid toddler’s mess will save you time, efforts and ensure fun time for your kids. Apply them to ensure the hygienic and neat condition of your home.

You can protect some of the pieces of furniture and floors with suitable coverings and newspapers but the most important things are the materials for art you give your toddler to use and play with.

You can supply your toddler with various tools and materials for drawing, art time and playing which will let you clean his/her room easier. These are scissors, construction paper, tape, strings. For drawing and painting, choose and buy washable markers and crayons. The paint your toddler uses should be washable which will let you clean the mess and splatters from the place easier later. The glue you give your toddler better be in a tube than in a bottle which is easier for applying. Glue sticks are the most suitable for art projects as they are safer.

Squish Paint

squish paint example

Marble worktops are appropriate for your toddler to paint and draw on which will let him/her be entertained for hours and you won’t have problems with the cleaning of the surface later. Fill several plastic bottles with baby oil and a few colours of water-soluble paint, each colour in a separate plastic container – bottle or cup. You can sprinkle some glitter inside the paint to make it more attractive. Then, just let your toddler squash the paint with fingers on the marble surface creating art. This should be easy for cleaning after the painting is completed. Take photos of the end project before cleaning the surfaces.

Use Dot Art To Create Fun Projects

dot art example

You may have those colourful stickers in your home which instead of collecting dust can be re-purposed and used to play by your toddler. Let him/her create some art project using only the dots. You can also apply them as a means to teach your toddler letters and numbers in case he/she shows interest at that age. This way you can provide a mess-free play with learning that won’t result in a whole bunch of areas left dirty.

Make A Whole Village Of Cardboard Tubes And Patterned Tape

cardboard village example

If you have cardboard tubes, you can give them to your toddler to use as the base of the village. The patterned taped is suitable to be applied for decorating and making the village colourful. This play develops qualities like precision, imagination and creativity. As an added bonus, it doesn’t end up in a complete mess. So use it whenever your toddler wants to draw or play.

Creating A Collage

collage example

For this “project” you need contact paper which is sticky-backed, paper scraps, magazine pictures, sequins, feathers and other lightweight and flat items. Help your toddler do the collage with the sticky-backed paper and items you have gathered for the project. After completing it “together” seal the project with a strip of contact paper. Easy, fun and without stains, paint or spillages left for cleaning.

Create Art Projects With Sandpaper And Yarn

sandpaper and yarn art project example

Check your garage for sandpaper leftovers and use them to re-purpose for your toddler’s projects. The yarn will stick to the sandpaper magically. By using various yarn “colours” your toddler can make various art projects. The best pieces of art pin on a cork board and display in his/her room.

If you use the presented above methods for creating art without mess, you will let your toddler have fun, be creative and develop important qualities which will be needed when he/she grows up. Use the ideas and tips offered here to protect the rooms in your home from getting dirty and filled with splatters. You will save yourself much efforts and time.

profile of Harry Carr

Harry is a working mom from London. She runs a small cleaning company called House Cleaners Chiswick. She writes home improvement articles for a couple of blogs.

I love doing arts and crafts with my kids especially since I can see that they enjoy it but I hate cleaning up afterwards. I would always do our arts and crafts activities outside and I have to make sure to get them washable paints, colors, and markers just to make cleaning up easier for me; but that’s the most creative idea I could think of (Lol! I know I am not that creative). So I really loved this article because it gives us brilliant ways to get creative with our kids while also avoiding mess.

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