4 Thoughtful Gifts For Your Kid’s Teachers

Looking for some awesome gifts for your kid's teachers? I've rounded up some thoughtful gifts you could give them this Christmas. Click the image to read more.

Since my daughter started going to the daycare, I feel like I owe all her teachers A LOT for looking after her while I work. So I always make an effort to know that I appreciate everything they do. I would always say thank you to them whenever I pick my kids up from school; and I would always grab the opportunity to give them something whenever there’s an occasion – Teacher’s Appreciation Day, Moving Up Day, Teacher’s Last Day, Christmas, anything.

In fact, last December, my daughter moved to a different school (I don’t know about you but I am not really good with goodbyes and I ended up crying on my daughter’s last day) but I still made sure that we dropped by her old school to give her former teachers Christmas gifts. It is also a good way to catch up with them and to ensure that she doesn’t forget them; and that’s really important to me because they’ve been a very special part of her life.

Since Christmas is almost here, I’ve rounded up some thoughtful gifts we can give these amazing teachers who worked really hard to make sure our kids are happy, entertained, learning, and well taken care of all throughout the day while we are busy working or doing other important things.

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Personalized gift

You can buy anything personalized from any store you want, like a personalized tumbler or mug, or a sterling silver jewelry like bracelet or necklace with their name on it. My favorite place to get anything personalized is Etsy; whether it’s for gifts or for parties, they have an amazing selection you can choose from so make sure to check it out.

But, if you prefer, you can also easily create something yourself. One thing that I found really sweet is a picture frame with “Thank you for helping me grow” written on it. It’s going to be something like the one pictured below.

Thank you for helping me grow picture frame

You’ll need  a wooden frame, a picture of your child with his or her teacher, and markersOnce you have all of these, have your child write “Thank you for helping me grow” somewhere on the frame and the teacher’s name to make it more personal. Once done, just put their picture inside the frame and wrap it.

Holiday craft

various christmas crafts - gingerbread cookie craft, holiday hand & foot print wreath, create it yourself paper christmas tree, family hand print christmas tree, DIY ornament, beaded ornament

Why don’t you make crafts time more productive by making something that can actually be gifted? The best part is, you and your kid would have fun in the process. And the teachers will surely appreciate it so much!

I’ve rounded up some holiday crafts from these awesome momma bloggers below. Click on the links to read up on how to do these cute crafts!


Festive sweets

various festive holiday cookies - rudolph the red-nosed reindeer cookie, no bake christmas oreo pudding cookie, fudge, homemade chocolate bark, peppermint mocha cookies, sweet & salty peppermint bark

Festive sweets are the perfect gifts to give anyone during the holidays especially if you made them from scratch because it simply shows the recipient that you spent your precious time making something for them and that’s what makes it extra special. One thing I really love about this is if you’re gifting a lot of teachers (like me, I’ll need more than 10 this year), you can do everything in one batch which saves a lot of time. Plus, doing this with your kid is another fun activity both of you will definitely enjoy.

I’ve rounded up some festive sweets from these wonderful bloggers below. Click on the links to read up on how to make these cute and delicious festive sweets!


Gift card

If all else fails, a gift card won’t. It can be a gift card to a store they frequent (you have to be very observant though) so they can treat themselves to something they really want. Or it could also be a gift card to a nearby salon; like most of us, they probably tend to put themselves last so that is a great way to tell them that they should also take care of themselves too.

What do you usually give your kid’s teachers during the holidays? What did you think of this gift guide? Let me know in the comments. You know I always love to hear from you.

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