5 Essential Items Every Woman Must Have For Winter

women wearing over the knee boots for winter in different ways

The nights are longer, the wind is getting colder, not to mention it is December already… There is no doubt that winter is just around the corner. I don’t know about you but I usually get some key pieces to add to my wardrobe every season just to keep my outfits always updated. And honestly, who doesn’t need to shop every now and then right? If you’re getting ready to shop for your winter wardrobe, take note of these essential items I think every woman must have for winter.

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women wearing peacoat for winter in different ways

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Peacoats keep you warm when it’s too cold outside while still allowing you to look stylish. It goes great with everything – you can wear it with skirt, dress, pants, anything. Other than it will always make you look polished whichever outfit you wear it with, it also comes in a variety of style and color so it will surely suit every one’s needs.

Shop my favorites below.

Chunky Sweater

women wearing chunky sweater for winter in different ways

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Chunky sweaters are so cozy and perfect for the cold winter months. You can wear them alone or wear a shirt underneath, either way will work. You can wear it with leggings, jeans, pants, or skirt; whichever you choose will look great because they are so easy to wear and can be worn with just about anything. Another favorite look of mine is wearing a dress underneath especially the fit and flare ones for a more fun look.

Shop my favorites below.

Blanket Scarf

women wearing blanket scarf for winter in different ways

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Blanket scarves are the best accessory that you can get yourself every winter. Not only do they keep you warm when the cold wind blows, but they also complement anything you wear them with giving your outfit a nice cohesive look.

Shop my favorite below.

Over the Knee Boots

women wearing over the knee boots for winter in different ways

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Not only am I in love with these because they look GREAT with anything no matter which color you get, but they also allow you to comfortably wear dresses and skirt in winter. I’ve been in search for months for my perfect pair and I’m so happy to have found mine at a GREAT deal!!! Special thanks to Tory Burch’s sale last Black Friday and the gift card they sent my way!

Shop my favorites below.


women wearing tights for winter in different ways

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Next to scarves, tights are going to be your go-to accessory in winter. Not only do these amazing accessory allow you to wear mini skirts and dress in winter (just like over the knee boots), they also make your outfit look interesting. Wearing them underneath knee-length skirts and dresses and throwing on a pair of ankle boots with these will surely work as well. Make sure to also get the patterned ones so it makes your outfit more interesting and fun.

Shop my favorites below.


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What are your winter essentials? What did you think of my winter essentials? Let me know in the comments. You know I always love to hear from you.

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