Fall Foliage In Harpers Ferry National Park

Check out our recent trip to Harpers Ferry National Park to enjoy fall foliage. Click the image for more information.

I LOVE fall foliage; it is one of my favorite things about fall, so I planned for us to go somewhere nice where we can enjoy the fall colors especially since my parents are visiting from the Philippines. This is a perfect time to show them around. When planning for a trip, I always take into consideration the schedule of my kids; I always have to work around their nap and bed time. Harpers Ferry National Park sounded perfect because it was only an hour drive from where we live.

Harpers Ferry National Historical Park is located at the confluence of the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers in and around Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. The park includes land in Jefferson County, West Virginia; Washington County, Maryland and Loudoun County, Virginia. You can read more about it here.

One vehicle pass costs $10.00 but it’s valid for 3 consecutive days beginning on the date of purchase. As soon as we arrived, we went straight to the visitor center where they had shuttle buses waiting for visitors which we rode going to the Lower Town.

My daughter was pretty excited about this. She has this current fascination on buses; she’d scream whenever she sees one and would always ask me to look for one whenever we’re driving somewhere. She did tell me one day that she wishes to ride a bus so her wish has been granted.

Harpers Ferry National Park

Harpers Ferry National Park

daddy and daughter looking at Shenandoah River located at Harpers Ferry National Park

Harpers Ferry National Park

Harpers Ferry National Park

The bus ride was around 5-minute long and they did play a short audio about the town which I didn’t hear much of because I was so focused on being excited for my daughter on her first bus ride. She behaved the whole time we were in the bus; I think she was trying to enjoy every bit of it which I found really cute. Unfortunately, she didn’t want to get off the bus; she started crying and screaming as soon as the bus stopped and she figured out we were about to get off.

The park is really nice and we really loved the quaint community. It seems like anywhere we looked, there’s a nice location to take our pictures at. There’s actually a couple doing a photo shoot while we were there and I bet the pictures would look amazing. They also have some restaurants in the Lower Town where you can stop by and eat after enjoying the beautiful scenery.

We were hoping to see a lot of trees changing colors because according to the fall foliage map I checked, the peak season will be towards the end of October. We didn’t see a lot but did see a few so that was a little disappointing (and I know that they are just predictions) but they were still beautiful nonetheless!

fall foliage in Harpers Ferry National Park

family in Harpers Ferry National Park

family in Harpers Ferry National Park

daddy, daughter, son, and grandpa in Harpers Ferry National Park

family in Harpers Ferry National Park

family in Harpers Ferry National Park

It was a very windy Saturday afternoon, just like when we went on our Apple Picking Trip a month ago. But the kids didn’t seem to mind it; my son was running around all over the park while my daughter was busy eating her puffs while walking around the park. Everyone had a great time; and that’s what’s important!

toddler lying on fall leaves at Harpers Ferry National Park

toddler and grandma walking around Harpers Ferry National Park

toddler eating Gerber Puffs at Harpers Ferry National Park

toddler siblings at Harpers Ferry National Park

Where do you usually go to enjoy the beauty of fall foliage? Let me know in the comments; you know I always love to hear from you.

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