Fall Must-Haves

The past couple of mornings have been pretty chilly; there is no doubt that Fall is just around the corner. With the changing season comes the need to update your wardrobe; this is absolutely the best time to do just that (what a good excuse to do some shopping)! No, you don’t have to buy a  whole lot of new outfits; getting a few key pieces to pair with what you already have can, without a doubt, bring your old outfits back to life. But before you hit the mall or shop online; check out my must-haves to (hopefully) guide you in your fun task.

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Sleeveless Coats

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I know! I know! It doesn’t really shield you from the chilly weather but you can’t deny it, it looks really good with just about anything; it brings any outfit to a whole new level. You will surely look chic in it regardless of what you wear it with – tee, jeans, skirt, or dress. I bet you can pair it with shorts and still look polished. I’m always practical with my clothes but, can just I be impractical for once? Maybe this is my Valentino Rockstud heels or Hermes Birkin in coats – definitely an eye candy but totally impractical. I honestly think that as long as you wear it with a thick enough sweater, you’d be covered. (I think I still have to convince myself to get one though)

Shop my favorites below!

Leather & Suede Jackets

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Leather and suede jackets are my favorite simply because they are timeless and can be worn regardless of the season. They turn even the simplest outfit (I’m talking about white tee or tank, denim shorts, and sneakers) into an edgy one; and can surely be pulled off by anyone.

Shop my favorites below!

(Faux) Fur Vests

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Fur vests are great addition to any wardrobe! Surprisingly, fur vests do give you the warmth that you need during the colder months while also dressing up any outfit you wear it with. Thus, making you look glamorously chic every single time! Fur vests can be worn with shirts, sweaters, and dresses; which is why you need to have at least one in your closet because you’d get a lot of use out of them.

Shop my favorites below!

Oversized Cardigans

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There’s something about oversized cardigans that looks so cozy (well they really are); not to mention they look good with anything as well. Plus, you can play it up a bit by opting for patterned cardigans. You really can’t go wrong with this one.

Shop my favorites below!

Ankle Boots

Fall must haves - women wearing dress, shirts, tops, jeans, leggings with ankle boots | fall must have | fall must haves outfit | fall must haves fashion | ankle boots outfit | ankle boots how to wear | ankle boots outfit fall | ankle boots with dress | ankle boots fall | ankle boots fall outfit

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You absolutely need at least one pair of ankle boots because the season calls for it. They work with anything – jeans, leggings, dresses, skirts, shorts with tights; not to mention that they look cute with just about anything.

Shop my favorites below!


Fall must haves - women wearing tunics, shirts, tops, wraps, ponchos with leggings | fall must have | fall must haves outfit | fall must haves fashion | leggings outfit | leggings outfit fall | fall outfit leggings | fall outfit leggings boots | fall outfit leggings easy

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This is the perfect season to rock those leggings (actually even in winter and warmer months). I am absolutely obsessed with them because they’re more comfortable than jeans. And you can wear them with tunics, oversized sweaters or cardigans, or oversized shirts with tee underneath. And if you’re adventurous, you can also get those patterned leggings or those that come in fun colors!

Shop my favorites below!


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What did you think of this post? Did you find it helpful? What is your go-to item for Fall? Let me know in the comments. You know I always love to hear from you.

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  • Momma To Go

    I love the large cardigan look! I’m a fan of the Capri jeans for fall and some nice athlesuire wear!

    • Thank you! I love the oversized cardigans too. Capri jeans and athleisure wear sounds really nice!

  • I bought myself a denim jacket, but really would love a leather one. Also I love those long sleeveless sweaters. I don’t wear leggings, but those long tunics are adorable and I have several in my Amazon cart right now.

    • Nice! Enjoy shopping! Thank you for stopping by; have a great weekend!

  • I love the oversized cardigans! Already put one on my Christmas list!

    • I love them too; they’re so cozy! Thank you for stopping by; have a great weekend!

  • I am all on board for sweaters everywhere. Love all the different looks and patterns.

    • Love sweaters, especially the oversized ones! Thank you for stopping by; have a great weekend!

  • My Daily She

    Leather jackets and leggings are my faves!

    • They are mine too! Thank you for stopping by; have a great weekend!

  • I will be living in oversized cardigans and leggings this fall. 🙂

    • That sounds fantastic! They’re both so comfortable. If only I don’t have to wear business casual at work, I’d probably be in them every day. Thank you for stopping by; have a great weekend!

  • mrsbsock

    oversized cardigans are my everything right now!

    • They are really cozy! I love them. Thank you for stopping by; have a great weekend!

  • Love all of these items and am still on the hunt for a few! Those long sleeveless dusters have been a favorite of mine this fall!

    • They are really pretty! I’ve had my eyes on them for a while. Thank you!

  • Such a fantastic post!! Love every single outfit!!

    • Thank you! Have a great weekend!

  • So much YES! To all of the above!

    XO – Stephanie

    • Thank you! Have a great weekend!

  • Jen

    I love all these looks especially the leather jacket and the sleeveless vests!! So gorgeous!

    • Thank you! I am a lover of leather jackets and sleeveless vests too!

  • Oh my…love all these outfits. Great inspo 🙂


  • I have been wanting a sleeveless coat BAD! Now you have convinced me that I need one!! Great post lady!

    • Me too! Thank you! Glad you loved it!

  • ruthieridley

    I am dying to grab a sleeveless coat!!! Love your picks!!!

    • Same here! Thank you! Glad you loved them.

  • Oversized cardigans, leggings and booties are my JAM in the fall/winter. They look so cute, but keep you warm at the same time, which I loove.

    • That is absolutely true! You couldn’t go wrong with any of these or a combination of these. Thank you for stopping by.

  • Great picks! I’ve been seeing so many great oversized sweaters everywhere. I love that leather jackets are always in style!! Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Friday!

    Meaghan xx

    • I love oversized sweaters because they’re so comfy and cute yet they keep you warm. And I love leather jackets mainly because of the reason you just said. Thank you!

  • I’m feeling inspired to improve my fall wardrobe! I love all of these looks!

    • I am glad you loved them. Thank you!

  • These sleeveless coats are so effortlessly chic and versatile, in fact I have been thinking of buying one for a long time…Thanks for these great picks!

    • They really are. You are welcome; and thank you for stopping by.

  • Love these celeb looks!!! Thanks for the inspo! xx

    • You’re welcome. I am glad you loved them. Thank you for stopping by.

  • Lovely post! I love Fall fashion and these are definitely must-haves for me as well 🙂

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

    • I love fall fashion too. Thank you!

  • You rocked this post girl! I’m obsessed with all of these!! Xoxo

    • Thank you, Nicole! Me too! 🙂

  • Definitely so many ‘must-haves’! Love this!

    • Thank you! Have a great weekend!

  • Adorable outfits for the season!

  • Love every single one of your must haves! I def have a weakness for the booties, leather jackets and leggings. Pretty excited about the cooler temps so we can start layering up!

    • That’s true. The weather has been crazy where I live, temperature would drop for a few days then rise again back to 80s for a couple then drop again. Thank you!

  • The sleevless coats are high on my list! This is such a great round up post 🙂

    • I love sleeveless coats too! Thank you!

  • Love the faux leather leggings, the leather jackets and the booties!! All three of them are my Fall and Winter go to’s! Great picks!!


    • Thank you! These pieces are really classy and timeless. Have a great weekend!

  • Love your picks! Probably because those are my favorite things for fall too!

    • Thank you! These items are so pretty not to be. Lol 🙂

  • Jennifer

    I love the Fall styles you have here. My favorite are the leather leggings. Very cute!

  • Yes to leather jackets and oversized cardigans!

    • Yay! Thank you for dropping by!

  • Definitely leggings and ankle boots. Must have!

    • 2 of my favorite things. Thank you for dropping by.

  • Gorgeous outfits!! I particularly love that red over-sized cardigan!

  • I was JUST shopping for so many of these items lol. Thanks for sharing!

    • I hope you enjoyed shopping! 🙂

  • Definitely agree with all of these! I need to add some cardigans to my closet – I don’t own very many.

    Amanda || http://www.fortheloveofglitter.com

    • Thank you! I am glad you liked this post.

  • LOVE ALL OF THESE!! Esp the sleeveless coats!

    • Thank you! I am glad you loved this post. I am in love with sleeveless coats as well.

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  • All of this is real need in fall, i love to wear mostly oversized jumpers xoxo


    • Thank you! I am glad you loved this post.

  • I just love the chunky cardigans and vest. I’ve been looking for the perfect ones since I’m on the shorter side.

    With Love Rochelle

    • Thank you. I am on the shorter side as well. I think Forever 21 and Express carry some. 🙂

  • My favorite piece in my closet for this time is my leather jacket. I definitely need to pick up some ankle booties though.

    • Leather jackets are the best! Thank you for stopping by!

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