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toddler with puckered lips wearing pink floral dress, and pink melissa flats with flowers

It was Wednesday afternoon, we just got home from work and school, my daughter put a couple of Minnie Mouse stickers on my arms. I got her sippy cup and asked her to drink. As she was drinking, she saw the wounds on my right arm. She held my arm and said “kiss”. I lifted my arm closer to her cute little lips and she kissed my wounds, just like what I always do when she gets hurt. I said “Thank you!”; she replied “Abu!” (I love you!).

It was Monday, I felt movement in the bed, I felt a tiny hand against my arm and the softest lips against my cheek. I opened my eyes (and realized it was already morning), I was facing the window and had my back against my daughter,  I turned my head and saw that it was her. She had the widest smile on her face; I smiled. I turned around to face her and said “Good morning!” with a smile then I kissed her; she replied “Morning!” with the sweetest smile. Then she kissed me again and said “Abu!” (I love you!).

On these moments, time stood still - A parenting quote from this mom's post about her daughter suddenly telling her I Love You. Both a parenting success and parenting milestone. Such priceless moments.

These are the moments that I’ll cherish for the rest of my life. The ones that make everything worth it – all the sleepless nights, all the restless days, all those times I got peed and/or pooped on, all those times I felt overwhelmed with everything that’s going on, and all those times I thought I wasn’t doing anything right. These are the definitely moments that I am living for.

smiling toddler wearing pink floral dress and pink melissa flats with flowers; with both arms on her waist

I love you. Three words that you get to hear a lot in your life (if you’re lucky). I’ve heard it from my parents, from friends, and of course, from my husband. But there’s nothing more special than hearing it from your child. It gives these 3 words a whole new meaning. It makes you feel like you’ve been doing everything right the first time even though you know you’re not. For a moment, you forget the fact that you’re still learning, every single day, and stumbling as you go. It makes you strive more to be the perfect mom that you can be to even deserve these words, because in the eyes of your child, you are.

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Parenting success - That special moment when your child suddenly tells you I Love You! It should be considered a parenting milestone. Check out the different times this mom's daughter told her I Love You; such priceless moments.

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