Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Sample Kit Review – Part 1

Let me just warn you, I am not an expert with regards to makeup. Just like most of you, I am just someone who is fascinated by it. It just so happened that I was able to get my hands on the Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Sample Kit (from Sephora). So why not have some fun playing with it and share with you what I thought, right? I will do a 3-part review one per panel – the Purples and Pinks, the Reds and Browns, and the Neutrals.

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Review

Since this is just a sample kit, I had to use a lip brush during application. And let me just say, this is the first time I am using one (and I am liking it). So if the application isn’t perfect, that’s why. Here’s a closer look at the sample kit.

cover of urban decay vice lipstick sample kit

what's inside of urban decay vice lipstick sample kit

Here’s the first panel which I’ll be reviewing today.

panel 1 of urban decay vice lipstick sample kit - the pinks and purples

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Purple & Pink Shades

wearing urban decay vice lipstick - seismic, menace, pandemonium, big bang

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Seismic (Sheer Shimmer) – is described as plum-purple with red shimmer. But I honestly didn’t see any hint of purple. It is very sheer so you really have to layer it on to get the color to come out. The consistency is similar to a lip gloss so if you’re not into that (like me), this might not work for you.

Menace (Comfort Matte) – is described as medium fuschia-pink. It reminds me a little of Mac’s Candy Yum Yum but this one is a little bit more of a pinkish red. I REALLY LOVE the color! It’s very creamy so it’s easy to apply and highly pigmented.

Pandemonium (Mega Matte) – is described as bright purple (it looks like it has a little bit of red tone). Although creamy, I found it hard to apply because it appears to be uneven no matter how hard I tried to even it out. I would have liked it if not for the reasons I previously mentioned.

Big Bang (Metallized) – is described as bright pink sparkle. It’s a little bit sheer so you have to layer it on to get the color to come out (I think I used up half of the sample). If you don’t, you’re going to end up with a very pale pink lips that glitters. I really like the sparkle but the consistency is a little bit sticky. It’s a little bit hard to remove because of that.

wearing urban decay vice lipstick - jilted, sheer anarchy, firebird, psycho

Jilted (Cream) – is described as deep fuchsia shimmer with blue shift. It is easy to apply and you don’t really need much of it. Of the 4 remaining shades, this is the brightest. It appears to be a little bit glossy because I was wearing Vaseline underneath.

Sheer Anarchy (Sheer) – is described as fuchsia. It is sheer but has a really nice color to it. It reminds me of bubble gum pink; I really like the shade. It is a little bit sticky though.

Firebird (Cream) – is described as deep fuchsia. It is very easy to apply; although a bit creamy, it is not sticky at all. The shade is close to Psycho but a bit darker and more on the fuchsia side.

Psycho (Comfort Matte) – is described as bright rose with iridescent blue micro-sparkle. It is very easy to apply, and creamy although it is matte. You don’t a lot; the pigment is really nice. The sparkle is barely noticeable. The shade is close to Firebird but it’s brighter and lighter; a little bit more reddish.

My favorites: Menace, Big Bang, and Sheer Anarchy.

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The formula is really good; all of them are long-wearing and not drying at all even the matte ones. All the colors, except Big Bang and Seismic, are highly pigmented.

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Which of these shades is your favorite? Let me know in the comments. You know I always love to hear from you.

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