How I Got Through 2 Pregnancies Without Buying Maternity Clothes

How did I manage to get through 2 pregnancies without buying maternity clothes? All it took was creativity with my outfits! Click on the image to learn more.

If you’ve read one of my earlier posts, you’d know that I managed to get through my pregnancies without having to buy maternity clothes. And it’s not because my belly was so small that I didn’t even have to; I just didn’t want to. Why? First, they’re expensive; and second (at least for me), there’s not much variety.

Instead of spending money on something I know I won’t be able to use after I deliver, I stuck to what I already have  (sweater dresses, empire cut tops/dresses, loose tops/dresses, etc.) as much as I could. I maximized wearing jeans by using hair elastics (I did the same with shorts if I needed to wear one). Find the complete step-by-step guide here.

And then, I invested on leggings when I couldn’t wear  jeans anymore. I paired them with sweaters (I was in my first to first half of second trimester during fall/winter); but if you’re in this phase during summer, you can always pair your leggings with long tops like tunics or dress shirts.

pregnant woman wearing sweater, leggings, and ankle boots

pregnant woman wearing sweater, leggings, and knee-high boots

Or if you have some of those mini dresses, you can use them as tops too and wear them with shorts or leggings.

And then I got a bunch of dresses for summer (I was in my mid-second to third trimester in spring/summer). I started with shorter dresses then switched to maxi dresses as my belly grows bigger. You have to stick to empire cut dresses or those that don’t have fixed waistline for this to work.

pregnant woman wearing blue maxi dress and black tote

pregnant woman wearing maxi dress, cardigan, and white purse

pregnant woman in maxi dress, cardigan, and tote

You might want to stay away from dresses that fall way above your knees because you won’t be able to use them as much during the latter part of your pregnancy (I’m not sure if wearing them with shorts of leggings will be as comfortable during this time). Luckily, I was still able to use some of my knee-length dresses during my last trimester.

pregnant woman wearing dress, cardigan, and purse

pregnant woman wearing dress, cardigan, belt, and purse

pregnant woman wearing dress, jacket, and tote

I also bought some tube maxi dresses and used them as skirt paired with a tee.

pregnant woman in tee, maxi skirt, and tote

pregnant woman wearing tee, maxi skirt, and tote

pregnant woman wearing tee, maxi skirt, and tote

Two pregnancies and almost 11 months later, I still enjoy using all of the things I bought back then. Did you find these tips helpful?

Are you pregnant and hate the thought of buying maternity clothes? There's a way to get through a pregnancy without having to get one. All it takes is creativity with your outfits. Click on the image to learn more.

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